Monday, September 26, 2016

Fairy Tales with a Twist...Fractured Tales!

What a world of wonderful tales there are for children to read.
Some of my favorites are "fractured tales".
The students find them so entertaining and they bring a creative side to reading.
These are the list of stories you will find in this packet.
If you do not have them I am sure they will be available in your library and many of them are even read aloud on YouTube.

There are four crafts that accompany the packet.
The Wolf, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, and Little Red.
Each fits perfectly with a fractured tale.
More Bears
Interrupting Chicken
There is a form for a letter that students can write to the character.

Each story includes comprehension pages ranging from compare/contrast, story elements, sequencing, predicting, recall, author's purpose and more!

There is also activities for student to make a class book on their favorite character or their favorite story.

Even word work is included for building vocabulary skills through definition, recognition, and more.


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