Thursday, September 29, 2016

If you give a moose a muffin...

You class will love imagining a MOOSE eating a MUFFIN.

And what if they were given a muffin?
We made ours in class because we have access to an oven but even mini muffins could be purchased and shared. Parents often are wonderful about volunteering to make something for the class.
It can be fun reading how your class thinks a muffin is made.

The packet also includes a sequencing activity as well as a cause and effect. 
The children will enjoy completing the sensory activity and the character analysis.

Word work includes a word search, ABC order, parts of speech and more.
There are 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and sequencing.

Data collection is included and a Bingo Math Game.  

The craft is a moose which can be a page topper or a placed on a bulletin board.  Notice the class cover page as well as graphic organizers for students to gather their ideas.
The packet also includes an opinion page...would a moose make a good pet.
To help them decide there is a reading for detail.
It also includes paragraph writing about muffins and a how to for making muffins.


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