Monday, September 19, 2016

Football Fun Day!

Perfect for a Friday. Perfect for a class reward. Perfect for motivating your class to read, write, and work with words.
Wear your team colors.

Adorable crafts for posting on a bulletin board or hanging.
Any colors are appropriate.
Of course I chose Green and White...Go MSU!

A wonderful team building game, a halftime snack, and a partner game to enhance addition skills.

Word search, compounds, syllables, parts of speech, and making words.
Can you see these in your literacy center.

Yep...opinion, sensory and narrative.
A cover for a class book and a final write page.
Colorful vocabulary for posting!

And lots of reading for your kiddos followed by true/false...fact/opinion.
Have them highlight the parts of speech in the book.
Have them highlight key vocabulary.
Have them read with a friend.

Finally, we didn't forget math.
There are three terrific activities for data collection.


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