Thursday, September 29, 2016

If you give a pig a pancake or a party

I bet she can't eat just one!!
My class had so much fun with this.
We actually had parent helpers come in and we made yummy pancakes.
Each child got a little Bisquick in a plastic cup and a spoon.
We added a little milk and then the stirred.
I had an electric frying pan in the classroom and poured, fried, and flipped each child's pancake.
Then we experimented with toppings and collected data.
But this packet is extra special because it covers two stories.
This pig also has a party!!

I think the crafts are adorable.  One for the party and one for the pancakes.
Page toppers are perfect for showcasing student writing.

There are many vocabulary activities as well as 24 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and sequencing.
Word work includes...ABC Order, Syllables, Compound Words, Word Searches, Making Words, Parts of Speech.  Five activities for each story.
When making words we form teams and see who can create the most words.
I was amazed at how many words could be made.
There are also many comprehension activities for each story.
Sequencing, Text to Self, Story Elements, Summarizing, Cause and Effect

Writing includes "how to", opinion, sequencing, and sensory.

There are graphic organizers and final write pages for posting and gathering ideas.

Math includes 2 games focusing on addition to 12.  I also love the data collection pages.
WOW...a story and a wealth of activities to enhance learning.


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