Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a valued American Hero.
He represents EQUALITY and in my mind RESPECT.
Despite the importance of both they are sensitive and sometime difficult to teach.
This packet takes this sensitive topic and begins to introduce it by using a special book by Shane DeRolf The Crayon Box That Talked.
The simple but touching story helps young children the importance of respecting one another and working together to create a "beautiful picture"!

The packet has informational text about Martin Luther King and also provides a quick reading for detail or assessment piece.  There is a timeline for reviewing his life and a KWL to begin the lesson.

I love talking about Dr. King's dream because it is a great way for us to think about what we dream about.  There is a page for comparing and contrasting the book...Crayon Dr. King's dream.

It allows students to think about dreams they have and provides an adorable page topper for the writing activity of MLK.

There are other activities provided such as a word search, word sort (peaceful/violent), making words and a writing activity and an opportunity for students to connect the ideas shared in Martin's Big Words.

There are a number of writing activities including summarizing Martin's Life as well as comparing.

What color would you pick?
What would change if there was only one color?
Why is your color better than all the rest?

There is opinion writing, a definitions activity for acts of kindness and a color poem to create.
 I think this packet will be valuable to you.

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