Tuesday, September 27, 2016

American Symbols

This packet uses a creative way to introduce kiddos to the American Symbols.
It covers:
Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Flag, White House, and Bald Eagle

Each Symbol has a bullet chart with facts, a reading for detail page, a fun facts page and an activity to accompany the symbol.
The Statue of Liberty shares with the kiddos facts about the size of items and has them complete some measurement.  In the end they create their own "modernized" statue.

Some of the symbols include writing.
The eagle asks for their opinion of an animal or bird that would best represent our country.
Franklin wanted a turkey.

Students are not as familiar with monuments and memorials today.
Today there are more library or buildings named after the presidents.
One famous mural was done of Ronald Reagan using Jelly Beans.

The packet has two crafts:  and eagle and the liberty bell.
It also has vocabulary cards for posting.
Word work and a class book are also included.


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