Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and Friday Freebie!!

Hi all!
Busy times in October for this school teacher.
First we had an incredible 21st Century Digital Training Day.  It was outstanding but a ton of work to put together.  We had sessions on Google Sites, Google Apps, Adapting Chromebooks into the primary and intermediate curriculum, Online with reading and math, preparing for future digital assessment.  The teachers loved it.
Next it is the dreaded day, for me at least, Halloween!  It brings out the monsters...LOL!  To make matters worse our city went Trick or Treating last night because there is a big football game tonight.  Needless to say we will suffer through two "hallow" days.  If that isn't enough our Progress Reports go home today AND we return Monday to parent teacher conferences.
In all of this I truly am excited about next week.  It is a favorite.  We spend the 3 days following conferences on Autumn and in our area...why leaves change color?
Here are three of my favorite books to use during this unit.
This is adorable.  The bear just can't understand why the leaves are falling from the trees and he tries to put them back on.  I stop part way and have the class write a letter to bear explaining why they are falling.
This is a lovely book that I am sure you all have in your files.  The actual photographs are amazing.
Fun, simple, and follows the story...Going on a bear hunt.  I absolutely love it and guess what we do following the story?  Yep, we go on a leaf hunt.  What a terrific time of the year.

Here is an activity for another favorite.  They was an old lady who swallowed a leaf.
The download for it is below the next game!

And a great game for practicing math.
So Happy Halloween everyone!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Throwback Thursday BUT I've Updated!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have this updated look!  I worked with Designs By Kassie and she was AMAZING!  Creative, quick, easy to work with, and you can see the results.  I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I do!  I got so excited that right as she was updating my blog I was finishing updating a packet.  In my haste to peek I did not save a project I had just been updating to save my ink. So....I thought I bet my followers would like this packet for "free".  On my site I believe it is $4.  I just do not have time right now to update it all over again.  Thank you all for following me and I hope you enjoy the new look and tell your friends about me.
Click here to download.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Tuesday...Talk About It... November

Yep, I am busy getting all my November items ready.  I just have to get busy on Journeys and Math In Focus materials.  November is always such a rushed month. Two days taken by Parent/Teacher Conferences and then we are lucky and get three days off for Thanksgiving.
Thought I would put out there about what I am looking at covering. I have my favorite November Daily Calendar Journal and November poems.  Then I will hit on Autumn and Hibernation/Migration for science and social studies will cover Native Americans, Colonial Americans, and The First Thanksgiving.  I have built two adorable units I hope to fit in.  They are both based on Balanced Literacy.  One is Turkey Time and the other is Scarecrows.  So  let's bring on November!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A new week is about to begin!

A new week is about to begin!  I feel like I spent the whole weekend getting ready for it.
Monday is exciting.  I was one of the leaders to help design our professional leadership for the day.
All registration and organization into the mini sessions was done online for the first time and the entire day is devoted to digital learning.
We have 12 mini sessions in the morning and our afternoon will be dedicated to the whole group with Next Generation Assessment as the topic.
The morning sessions include:
Google Sites...That's Me!!
Using computer to enhance curriculum...Primary and Intermediate Sessions
Google Forms
Google Updates
Chromebook Training
Using Phone and Tablet for Apps in the classroom
Journeys Online Demo
Math In Focus Online Demo
STAR testing components online
I am exhausted but excited to help lead this special day of training for our staff!

So I guess Monday Make It will have to wait. Hope you stop back soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Writing Center

YIKES...Busy times!
I am overwhelmed with progress reports, a digital conference I am planning and presenting, plus the daily expectations of my classroom!  Forgive me!!
I did have a question about my writing center so I am posting that today!
Here are some pictures. They didn't turn out the best but it is somewhat helpful. Each child has a folder. The folder contains a checklist and a mini dictionary. The writing activities are held in colored tubs and right by them are the flip cards for ideas. Each Friday we have "guest authors" who are able to share their work. It has been so much fun! Sometimes I limit choices especially if we are focusing on a specific form of writing.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monday Make It!

What a fabulous weekend!  The colors in Michigan were brilliant and the sun bright.  We enjoyed fires at night and best of all my one son was home to visit.  So...I am pumped and ready to make this a great week.  Tomorrow we will celebrate Columbus Day.  Because it is Monday Make It I thought I would share this little activity we are going to create!  You can probably come up with your own pattern but if you want mine you can find it by clicking on the link.  Friday I also posted a "freebie" so you should have one or two cute items in memory of this explorer.  Michele

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Friday Freebie!!

Christopher Columbus day is celebrated on Monday!  In honor of that day here is a little freebie for you.  We go to school and some government offices are closed.  I love sharing the story of this explorer even if he may not have really discovered America.  It is the perfect lead in to the Native Americans and a global study.  Here is a little freebie for you.  Enjoy!!
I also added a book suggestion for reading.
Click here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Whatever!!

Here is a little something I found that is perfect for kiddos learning the alphabet or those who are struggling to learn the alphabet.  There is a song for every letter of the alphabet.  It is a MUST bookmark and will provide one more tool to "make learning fun"!  Click here.
Once you have arrived you need to click "add this webmix".  You can pause the song as it plays and go over the content.  Maybe start on Monday with the letter and end on Friday with the complete song.  Each letter starts out with where it is in the alphabet.  What it sounds like and pictures to support the sound, how to write the letter, and then putting it all together.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Teacher Talk!

This week our class theme is fire safety and I can't think of any resource more valuable than our Scholastic News.  I almost think if I had to purchase this myself I would.  If you are not familiar with it read on.  If you are familiar I would love to hear your comments about it.
This months issues relate to ...pumpkins, Santa Maria...a connection to today, Fire goats help, and Bats.  Each fits in perfectly with the themes of October.
Because it is Fire Safety week our paper today was about how "Goats Stop Fire"!
It was informative and really made a connection to today's world.  
I love the pictures and also the text is such that most students are able to read with a little support.
The video links are only 2 to 3 minutes long but filled with valuable information.
This one of course was on "fire safety" and firefighters.
Then there is a section on games.  These can be used for whole group or there is a log in for students so they can do it on the chromebooks or computers.  
Common Core Standards are always connected for those of you who need to put them in your lesson plans.
NO I DO NOT word for Scholastic News.
I am just a believer that they provide a product that IS beneficial for enhancing the classroom curriculum.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday Make It

With Red Ribbon Week soon approaching these gumball machines and gumballs are perfect for mounting on a door or bulletin board.  If I wasn't using the say "boo" to drugs theme with the cute little ghost I was going to make a large gumball machine for my door and then put the kiddos pictures on the gumballs saying...We "chews" to be drug free!
I saw this one on Pinterest. I would replace the title with the drug free one and put kiddos pictures on the gumballs or healthy habits.
Here is the freebie for you for individual use.
If you like this my complete packet is also available.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sharable Link

For those trying to download the link I am going to try again.  Sorry!! Michele
Try Again

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Blast from the past and FRIDAY FREEBIE!

These are my three boys who are now 34, 30, and 26.  I so love each of them. 
One proud mama of three successful young men.
And for your freebie...
Red Ribbon Week Ideas

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Whatever!!

Fire Safety Week is next week.  Are you ready?  I think I am.