Friday, March 31, 2017

May Writing with Page Toppers...Crafts and Activities!

I love these writing activities because they encourage writing while providing cute projects for decorating the room for the month.

May toppers are related to The Rainbow Fish and The Hungry Caterpillar.

Before writing students have text to review the story details and then graphic organizer for gathering their thoughts.  The organizers guide students in writing valuable paragraphs.

Finally the packet contains 3 differentiated writing pages for final writes.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beatrix Potter Author and Artist ... FREE

April is the perfect time for sharing author, artist Beatrix Potter and her popular tale...Peter Rabbit.

Read about Beatrix Potter and then have your class recall the information shared.
There also includes a word search and 3 differentiated writing pages for final thoughts.

The packet also includes the history about the Tale of Peter Rabbit and a short description of the story.
Following have students write short clips on the graphic organizer.
There is also a summary page...somebody,wanted, but...
Then I love having the kiddos think about the story... will Peter go back?...does his mom know where he has been? ... and finally making a prediction.

The packet continues with a word search for Peter Rabbit, a sheet for you class to write Peter a letter, and a sensory the garden Peter might see, hear, touch, and more!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Night Before Easter...Book Companion

Natasha Wang shares a delightful story...The Night Before Easter.
Your class will love listening to this delightful rhyme with a twist from Santa and his reindeer to The Easter Bunny!

I adore the bunny craft!  They will make a perfect page topper or to hang for decoration.
Imagine the bunny topping this writing page.

Comprehension strategies include...sequencing, summary, cause and effect, and story elements.
Students can choose a strategy to practice or you an assign.

There is a graphic organizer and sensory, sequencing and differentiated writing pages.

There are 18 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and word work.
ABC Order, Parts of Speech, Word Search, Syllables

Other items include vocabulary match, label me, and making a list.

There are three math games for partners of differentiated levels.

May Calendar...Daily weather, calendar, and math review!

I love to use these each day with the class.  
There is no better way to embed real life math into the classroom.
Each child gets a journal.  Here is a picture of the cover.
It includes two daily chants for memorizing math facts.

There is a calendar for recording the date, a weather chart for recording the weather and a temperature chart.
How many sunny days have we had?
Have we had more sunny or rainy days?  How many more?
Is it warmer or colder today than yesterday?
How much warmer?

The journal page includes teaching students two different ways to write the date.
It asks for the temperature and has them make comparisons.
I uses the number of days of school for place value, odd/even, and more.

Finally check out the vocabulary included as well as numbers for the calendar or tracking the number of days.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Memorial Day

I always like to think of Memorial Day as...
School is almost out!!!
Summer is almost here!!!
But in reality I know that the day represents a much deeper meaning.
Because of this I created this packet.
It is designed to provide activities for an entire day!

Word work...Word Search, Parts of Speech, Definition, Making Words

Reading about Memorial Day...Close Read, Mini Book followed by Statement or Question 
Writing...What is a hero, Memorial Day Paragraph
There is a graphic organizer as well as final write pages (differentiated)

Math Game

And look at this cute craft I found!!
Thank you SheKnows!!

And how about some suggested reading...
Check your library shelves.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cinco de Mayo...May 5th

Your class will love learning about Cino de Mayo as well as adding facts to their background knowledge of Mexico.  

There is informational text about Cinco de Mayo as well as Mexico and their flag.

Vocabulary is included for developing comprehension.
I love the colorful words for posting.

Here is the story of two flags.
Love the activities that have students compare and contrast.

Mini book on Spanish vocabulary.
This is followed by a label me and vocabulary worksheet.

Finally facts about Mexico and a True/False for mini assessment.

Here is the freebie!!