Sunday, November 29, 2015


 And of course I am adding to the discount TpT is providing.  So check your WISH LIST and...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Snowy Day Bundle!

These packets are SNOW much fun...Winter themed and filled with activities to enhance you literacy and math centers.  Below the bundle link you will find all the individual packets found in the bundle.
Fun Stuff!!
Greet your students each morning each day with these WARM UPS.  They are complete with phonics, math, writing, and reading activities that reinforce common core standards.

The math packet is filled with games for you math center or those times when you just need something to "fill in".  Fun and encourages mathematical strategies and concepts.

And my favorite the Reading for Detail with Phonics, Games and More.

The literacy packet has delightful "read aloud" suggestions with activities to accompany them.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Martin Luther King...The Crayon Box that Talked

This packet is writing for the primary student.  It begins by sharing The Crayon Box that Talked.  As you know in this story the crayons are struggling to get along.  Each one thinks they are more important.   Sound familiar???  Perfect for making the connection to what Martin Luther King fought against.  In the end the Crayons learn to work together and what a beautiful picture they make.  They same can be said for Martin Luther King's dream.
The packet contains two crafts for decorating.
Martin and the crayons can be used as page toppers.
Activities are arranged to provide writing, word work, and there is a booklet filled with informational text about MLK.  
Here are a few samples.

  Your class will love these activities!!

New January Products...Comprehension, Writing, and Word Searches

This packet uses 4 wonderful stories with themes just right for January.
If you cannot find them in your library they can all be found online for read aloud.

Each story focuses on three specific strategies.
Here are four examples.

To support you the educator each strategy is identified and can be posted.

This packet is perfect for your writing center.