Saturday, December 28, 2019

New Year Freebies!

Two wonderful FREEBIES for the New Year!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

December Kindergarten Word Work

December Word Work includes:  want  to   get   now   give   from   find   many
With this packet students will work, write, spell and read using the words for the month while completing enjoyable and meaningful activities!

 Assessment pages for writing and spelling.
Final assessment for reading, writing, and spelling growing with each week's new words.

Cards for introduction and posting.
I have the students decorate the plain words, cut them out and put them on a ring.  They can practice reading them throughout.  At the end of the month if they recognize the word it goes home and if not it stays on the ring for more practice.
I love the cut and paste activities included for each word.
Here are sample pages of practicing printing the word, writing with the word and reading the word.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Let's Write January!

January focuses on Sensory, Narrative, Informative, and How To writing with the topics: 
Topic/Literature Suggestion with lesson plans/Type of Writing
Martin Luther King...Big Words...Informative writing
How to Build a Snowman....All You Need for a Snowman...How to 
New Year's Day Celebration...New Year's Day...Narrative
The packet includes two sections.
This part includes:
Literature Suggestion
Lesson Plans
Graphic Organizers
"Sloppy Copy" page with editing
"Sloppy Copy" page
Editing Note for student and teacher editing.
This part includes:
Pages for publishing
Cover to make a class book
Skill worksheets and posters are included in each of the four lessons.
January will provide practice for understanding Verbs...what are they, past, present
Each of these skills will enhance student writing skills.
I think these lessons are WRITE ON!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

December and January Classroom Freebies

These pages are EDITABLE meaning you can add dates and information using your text box. What is on the page is NOT editable.
Student Calendar
Teacher Calendar
Home School Connection
Homework Chart
Week at a Glance
**Look for one to be added each month.

January Comprehension Strategies and Activities

This is wonderful!
Four terrific winter stories accompanied by comprehension strategies and activities.
Snowmen at Night
Stranger in the Woods
The Mitten
Snowflake Bentley
Comprehension activities include:
Prediction, Main Idea, Sequencing, Recall, Character Study, Cause and Effect, Author Purpose and more.

Friday, December 13, 2019

January Word Searches and Mini Books

Simple to use!  Just PRINT and GO!
Ideal for literacy centers and "got a minute and need something to do".
Read the book, find the words and then on the back of the pages students can write and draw about the topic.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Why would someone swallow some snow?
To build a snowman of course!!
You class will love the story and these wonderful activities to accompany it!

An adorable craft.

The story by Lucille Colandro.

 Vocabulary cards and word work.
Activities for your literacy center.
Comprehension activities.

Word Work
Math games for partners.

Activities to support writing.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Polar and Arctic Animals

So many wonderful Arctic and Polar Animals.
This packet is filled  with crafts, suggested literature, activities, informational text and graphic organizers to support research for the primary child.
Crafts for the classroom.
Suggested Literature

Informational Text for Walrus, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Seal, Polar Bear, Caribou, Moose, Snow Owl, Penguin, Arctic Hare, Orca Whale.
Students will also study the Inuit People who inhabit this area.

Graphic organizers for collecting information to report on.

Pages for reporting and mini booklets for reporting not shown.

Activities to support learning about these animals.
 True/False Fact/Opinion on penguins and polar bears.
A special study on the Inuit people.

Word work for studying vocabulary.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Polar Bears

What fun for the primary child to practice research skills while learning about Polar Bears!  
Perfect for the primary child.  The packet includes activities content based and ideal for gathering factual information.
Check out these pieces of suggested literature.

 Graphic organizers for gathering important fact.
Actual pictures of a male and female polar bear with her cub.

 Informational text in two forms.
Word Work:  Making words, parts of speech, definitions, syllables and more.
 Math games for partners.
Activities for writing:  Opinion, prediction, compare and contrast.