Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Go Away Big Green Monster and an Interactive Let's Build a Monster!

Find it here.

This resource is perfect for teaching "adjectives"!

Have fun with My Big _______ Monster...

The packet contains:

Monster Craft

All About My Monster

A Big Green Monster with a writing activity

Creating monster sentences...nouns, adjectives, verbs

Monster Glyph

Cupcake Monster

How to...make a monster cupcake

Monster Description

Lost...Describe your lost monster and illustrate

Compare and Contrast

Listen and Make...Partner Activity

Mini Book...My ____ Monster

Vocabulary Cards for Posting...12 (adjectives)

And if you are looking for an interactive computer activity this resource is perfect.
Students will click and drag vocabulary to complete a sentence as they watch the monster develop.
(Not all slides are shown.)
Students will click and drag to create their own monster.
Students will click and drag to put the color words in ABC Order.
Students will click and drag the monster to complete the sequence.


Monday, September 28, 2020

Math and Language Activities for October...Online and Paper Pencil

This packet is a Halloween bargain for you and your class.

There are 32 pages of math and literacy games and activities at a discounted price.

I love using them in my literacy and math centers.

They are also ideal for small group skill practice, whole group, or I'm what!

The 12 math activities include:



greater than




The 12 literacy activities include:

parts of speech


making words

types of sentences

The 8 writing activities include:


writing sentences

writing a paragraph



These slide shows are filled with 8 activities for student use.

All you need is Google Slides or Power Point Slide Show.

Load the slide show onto your device. (8 slides)

Open it in Google or Power Point.

Students look through the slides and mark the answers on their "hard copy" worksheet.

The worksheet will need to be printed.

It is ideal for assessing student success with the slide activities.

Ideal for centers, Chromebook use, or tablets.

Perfect for the primary students' experience with technology!

One for math and one for literacy.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Interactive the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!


Your class will love reading and retelling this favorite Halloween themed story.
It is ideal to work on expression and sight word recognition.

After listening or reading the story students will enjoy interacting with these slides.
They will read text with underlined key words.
They will interact using click and drag and typing.
Slides 1 to 14 include student interaction by reading the story and then click and dragging the correct picture for "granny" to swallow.
Slide 15 Students will fill the bucket with treats and then write about their favorite treat.
Slide 16 Students click and drag the correct picture to the correct word.
Slide 17 Student click and drag pictures to retell the story in the correct sequential order.

Happy Halloween with:

The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat.

Your kiddos love this story! It is perfect for reading, singing, and retelling.

Now with this packet you can enhance your literacy program with specific common core skills.

Sequencing...Order of events

Cause and Effect

Label...Cut and paste

Story Retell

Word Search...vocabulary from story

ABC Order...vocabulary from story

Text to Self...Illustration

2 Gameboards...Roll and win! (Partner Communication)


How to Carve a Pumpkin

Let's make words...jack-o-lantern

Ideas on Halloween


12 Colorful vocabulary cards for posting

Friday, September 25, 2020

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! Interactive slides and paper pencil.


If you give a teacher these resources she will make her students smile!!

Have fun with this favorite story by Laura Numeroff.

If you give your students these activities they are sure to have fun!!
The packet contains:
Word work with ook words
ABC Order
Word Search
Cause and Effect
Beginning, Middle, End
Riddles...Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar
Data Collection...favorite cookies
2 Partner Math Games
Writing...favorite part
Character Analysis
How to Make Cookies
If You Give a Student a Cookie

And you class will LOVE this interactive slide presentation.
It begins with a click and drag sequencing retell of the story.
This is followed by:
Sequencing activity with pictures. (click and drag)
Writing How to Make Cookies (Pictures provided for support)
Story retell using click and drag pictures (who, wanted, then)
Ending with Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?
Riddles with click and drag pictures.
Students will read, write and retell this adorable story.
What happens if you get a cookie?