Saturday, November 30, 2019

December Print Fold and Read!

These mini books are simple to make.
Print one page for each student.
Fold in half and into quarters and you are ready to read.
These are great because students can read with a partner, highlight unknown words, reread, and finally take home to build a library.
I like to have the students open the book after reading and the draw or write on the back about what they learned.

Let's Write December

Four weeks of writing for December with grammar skills included. 
Focus on adjectives, suggested literature, writing focused on sequence, opinion and narrative.

December Writing with Page Topper

Create an application for Santa's Reindeer.
Writing with page topper.
What makes the perfect Elf?
Your class will enjoy the activities and you will enjoy showcasing their writing.

Building Comprehension Strategies With December Theme Literature

A wonderful package with suggested literature and activities to promote building comprehension strategies.  

Friday, November 29, 2019

Jan Brett's The Hat and The Mitten

These are two of my favorite stories for students!
Perfect for sequencing, retelling and opinion writing.
Each packet has vocabulary for posting, reader's theater scripts, sequencing cards.
Ideal for a winter theme.
Included are activities for word work, writing, comprehension and more!
The vocabulary is perfect for posting.
Laminated you can put it in a center for ABC order, syllables or retelling the story.
These are cut and paste sequencing activities and a story element activity.
The reader's theater is a good idea for your reading.
Attach yarn to the pictures to assign parts to students.
If laminated these can be also be used for retelling the story in a small group or with partners.

Word Work
Writing Activities
Include graphic organizers and final write pages.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Friday Sale

No need to fight crowds or lines.
Grab a coffee or coke and sit at your computer looking for some educational packets at a great savings.
Here are some of my favorite suggestions for December.


Happy Thanksgiving !

I am surely grateful for all of YOU!!
Wishing you a day filled with FAMILY, FRIENDS and FUN!