Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kindergarten Word Work

I love these pages to allow students opportunities to practice sight words.
By reading, printing, spelling and writing with them students will build confidence in working with each word.
August/September sight words include:  I  like   the   and   can   you   see   a
Students PRINT
Students SORT

Students MATCH
Students SPELL
Students WRITE
Notice how the activity pages and assessments continue to grow as words are introduced each week.

There are also vocabulary cards.  Color/Black and White
I like to have students color the card as the word is introduced and then place in on the word work ring.
At the end of the month a parent helper flashes the cards.
If the student can read the word it goes home in a baggie.
If not it remains on the ring for further practice.

There are weekly assessment sheets as well as the monthly.
These are perfect for parent teacher conferences as well as record keeping.
The packet ends with a game for partners.

I will be adding to this each month with new words.
August/September is also where COLOR WORDS are introduced.
The color words are:
red, blue, pink, black, brown, purple, yellow, orange, green
There are color word cards and black and white for students to color.
A partner game is ideal for practice reading color words.

There are color posters and a number of activities.
These are the samples for red.
Every color has the same activities.

Print, spell, read and write.

For practice there is match us up, syllables, word search, read and color, and color the words.

There are assessment for the color words as well.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Behavior Management

Looking to manage behavior in a positive way? This is perfect for you.  Instead of catching students breaking the rules, catch students following the rules! 
You can use a bulletin board or a chart.
Take a picture of each student and place them in the pocket chart.
At the top print a sign that says…”I caught YOU”...
Then throughout the day I reward students by putting the card up by their name and make a quick response...”I caught Erin working quietly.”
You will be surprised how many others will try to have you CATCH them behaving.
During writing say I have two cards...Who will I catch writing!
I try very hard to assure that every student earns cards.  The pocket chart makes it an easy visual.
If someone is talking during group discussion instead of pointing THEM out reward someone for listening carefully.
The pages are found in color as well as black and white for you to choose from.
There are full pages, half pages, and then small cards to put in a baggie or punch and collect on a ring.

 There are 24 positive behaviors to recognize.
The packet includes check off pages for keeping track of what each student has earned.

 This is the sample of I CAUGHT YOU LISTENING...
Color/Black and White
Full page, half page, and small cards

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Back to School Puzzle Pieces for Find a Partner or Getting to Know You

I love these!  No hurt feelings, everyone included AND cooperation all in one!
Find a partner.
Find a group by making multiple copies of one item.
Want 4 groups copy 4 of the items multiple times.
Your class will enjoy these and soon learn to find their match quickly without conversation and by using cooperation.  
And to top it off you get a little movement as well!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Back to School Getting to Know You!

These activities are PERFECT for introducing you class to one another!!
No pressure, just fun!

Partner students up and SCOOT!
There are 26 questions and one sheet for 15 partners and another for 25 depending on your class size.

Three amazing activities to get to know each other.
Small Group 

I am excited to be here and I like to ride my bike.
Who has number 4?

Copy and cut.
You may want to laminate for reuse.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

My Brave Year of Firsts

This is a wonderful story for the first day of first grade!!
Your class will relate as the little girls talks about all her tries, sighs, and cries while trying something for the first time.

Cute craft for your students to write and showcase their ideas.

Lots of word work.
ABC Order
Word Search
Word Scramble

Lots of writing for:
My first day of school
My first ____________
There are pre writes and graphic organizers for planning their story as well as class covers and differentiated final write pages.

 Students will compare their first to the girl in the story.
A my first poster and firsts that make them cry, giggle, smile.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Froggy Goes to School

Everyone is a FROGGY fan and this story is sure to delight your class.
It is ideal for those first few BACK TO SCHOOL days.

How does FROGGY get to school?
What does FROGGY have for breakfast?
How does FROGGY feel about going to school?
Does FROGGY have a name tag?
What is a rule in FROGGY's class?
Perfect for Text to Self.

Adorable craft
Vocabulary for posting

Practice writing our name.
Two differentiated pages.

Feelings (differentiated)
and a favorite FROGGY'S dream!

Story recall 
Compare and Contrast
Classroom Rules

How we get to school (3 differentiated pages)

Me Poster
Writing about the first day...sensory
Mini Book about child.

Word work...ABC Order, Syllables, Scrambled Words