Monday, October 30, 2017

December Mini Book...Print, Fold, Read!

No cutting, No collating...Just print, fold and you are ready to read.
Easy for guided reading.  Students can highlight unknown words.
Read and reread.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Writing Through The Year

I absolutely find this packet so helpful.  I use it for the writing center as well as assessment.
This packet covers September through May.

Each month there are at least three types of writing presented.
Narrative, Informative, Opinion, Sequencing

The styles of writing follow the steps of writing.
There are Pre Writing or Graphic Organizers for gathering thoughts and drawing conclusions.
There is a checklist for Editing and finally there are three differentiated writing forms to meet all level or writers in your classroom or grade levels.

Each month has an anchor chart with vocabulary words and then each of those words are on individual cards with pictures for posting.

Here are samples of the pre writes for opinion.

Here are samples of the rewrites for sequencing.

Here are the pre writes for narrative.

These are samples of the final write pages from an informative writing group.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Trick or Treat Sale!!

Pick up a treat or two!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Poetry in the Classroom!

I love using poetry in the classroom!

Read the poem, complete the comprehension activity, cut and past the poem in order, a bookmark with the poem written on it!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Reviewing Math Skills with the Calendar

I love doing a daily calendar routine.
It is ideal for using actual math terms...more than, less than, how much more, patterning, and creating visuals.

This packet has a calendar for students to record the date and special events.
They can keep track of the daily weather and temperature.
I enjoy having a meteorologist for the day.
A note goes home and they come prepared to report.

The journal part has students working with recording the date and working with the number of days.
1st grade this month is all about story problems for the math review.

Second grade changes the recording to add more writing and focuses on story problems. multiplying equal groups, expanded form, regrouping.

There are also vocabulary cards and numbers for a calendar or counting number of days.

Friday, October 20, 2017

It's Turkey Time So ... Let's Talk Turkey!

Meet those Literacy Informational Text Standards...Read, Gather Details, Report!

This cute little turkey can go home to decorate the Thanksgiving mantel or table.

This gobbler will decorate your bulletin board or room.

Two cute poems accompany the packet and are followed by comprehension activities.

Look at all the informational text and in so many forms.
Perfect for guided reading.

Here are activities on the Life Cycle.

Graphic Organizers for collecting information and using creative thinking.

Pages to create the final drafts.

Word work for your literacy center.

And literacy companions for your favorite turkey stories.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The First Thanksgiving...An educational packet for the primary child.

This packet is designed specifically to help educate the primary child about the First Thanksgiving.

Book suggestions are ideal for getting a realistic look at the life of the two groups of Americans in our early country.
The packet has informational text about the First Thanksgiving.
There is a True/False page for assessment and a sequence page that could be used for assessment as well.

After reading and gathering facts students will make connections between THEIR life and the lives of the Americans long ago.

There is an informational text book comparing and contrasting the Colonial Americans with the Native Americans.  Think of it as how we are ALIKE yet DIFFERENT.

Students will create posters about a Colonial American child and a Native American child.

Students will use graphic organizers to recall facts about the First Thanksgiving.

Students will use graphic organizers to recall facts about what they are THANKFUL FOR.

Using the ideas they gathered they will prepare final writes.
There are class cover books for creating a class book.

Word work is also included.

Finally there are vocabulary words for posting and a data collection activity for your class.
Students can also make these adorable page topers to display their writing.