Monday, July 29, 2019

September Poetry Packet!!

Using poetry in the classroom is one way to add another genre to your reading practice.  
Many of the students will enjoy memorizing the poem and reciting them back.  
The packet contains a poem for each week during the month of September.
Above you will see the "home/school" connection list.
There is also a "cootie" catcher for comprehension.
Bookmarks are included with the poem on them.

Each poem includes a poster for posting and an activity page for recall.
There is also a cut and paste the poem in order then prepare an illustration.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

My Family and I

Your class will love discussing families and comparing and contrasting families within the classroom.
The suggested reading from below is perfect for reading about how families differ and what makes up a family.

 There is informational text for reading and a family wish list.
A song and a poem about families and an activity to follow them.

 Partners can compare and contrast information about their families.
 Students will write about families.
 Graphic Organizers for gathering thoughts.
 Final write pages and a class cover for a class book.
Not shown is one for a book about Our Class Book of Families...My Family

Activities for names.
 Activities for generations.
 Vocabulary and Word Work

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Grandparents Day!

I just LOVE Grandparents and Grandparents Day!!
In my class each year we invite our grandparents for lunch.
If a child does not have a grandparent that can attend we welcome them to invite someone else!
Having Grandparents visit is also a special way to compare and contrast the past and present as well as look at generations and families.
I love how we set the room up for Grandparents and the pattern for these are in the packet.

 The packet has vocabulary for posting and a simple HUG craft for students to make for their visitors.

 There is also a Grandparent Interview and a chance to fill in posters about their grandparents.These can be used as ideas for enhancing writing.
 This is a cute song about grandparents and then it is followed by two writing activities using are, can, have...
Simple sentences can be written using these words and ideas.
 There is a class book cover for their writing, differentiated writing pages and a page for them to do 'selfies' with their grandparents.  These are so cute for posting.

 There is a mini book for putting together on Grandparents which the students can interact with.
It is followed by a writing activity making a list.

I use two of my favorite stories for comprehension.
What Grandmas and Grandpas Do Best by Numeroff and How To Babysit Grandma and Grandpa by Reagan.  Your class will love the stories and the activities that accompany them.
Then be sure to include Grandparents Day.

There is an invitation as well as an activity for the class to do with their grandparents comparing the classroom today to the classroom the grandparent attended.
I also love giving rewards for the grandparent who traveled the farthest, had the most grandchildren, etc.  
What a fabulous way to find out about the guests.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Journeys Common Core Unit One

Complete packet to enhance your reading program!

Home/School Connection
Essential question for posting.
Formative Assessment...What is a friend?

Three forms of vocabulary:
High Frequency
Posters for displaying and vocabulary cards.

Posters for skills presented :

After reading a story about friends...
Lesson ideas suggested along with activities.

Poetry and gathering information from poetry.

Spelling lesson suggestions with activity pages.

More spelling practice ideal for your literacy center.

Word lists to go home.
Final test and dictation

Practice using High Frequency words.

I know the meaning...activities to support understanding and gathering meaning from text.

Word Work for Grammar and Phonics
Introduction of a noun.

Focuses on narrative writing.
Activities include graphic organizers, outlines for writing and final write pages not shown.

Monday, July 22, 2019

September Writing with Page Toppers...Johnny Appleseed and Scarecrows!

This packet is perfect for September.
There are two writing projects with mini page toppers for posting student writing and decorating your room or hall.
Informational Text provides information for students about the topics.
Have them highlight key ideas.
Graphic Organizers help them to gather ideas.
The pre writes provide them with an outline to prepare their writing.
Finally there are final write pages, differentiated, to meet all student writing levels.
I like to use some of the pages for whole group experiences and others I place in the writing center.