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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Happy New Year!

Find it here.
Anyone else wishing for a brighter New Year ?
I have so many wishes
This Interactive Google Slide Resource is ideal for sharing with you class the reason for celebrating New Year, traditions and an opportunity for students to make some of their own resolutions.
This book is amazing.  It is worth putting in your classroom library.
Slide One:  Informational Text...Why we celebrate the New Year...Let's Chat...This year, next year, your birthdate and age.
Slide Two:  Midnight...Click and drag to create a clock with the hands showing midnight.
Slide Three:  Traditions...What might you see, hear, taste on New Year's Eve
Slide Four:  Resolutions... List things I'm good at, things I want to get better at
Slide Five:  A review of last year, Goals for this year
Slide Six:  Let's pull it all together

The packet contains:

3 Graphic Organizers for supporting students as they write their resolutions.

A class book cover and final write pages for students to showcase their resolutions.

A craft for posting student resolutions.

2 pieces of informational text about the New Year and its traditions. (mini book)

Graphic Organizers for collecting facts from the informational text.

A class book cover and final write pages for students to showcase what they learned.

Formative Assessment to use after reading the informational text.

Word Work: Word Search, Making Words

8 colorful vocabulary cards for posting

Math game for you math center for partners.

Literature Suggestions:

New Years

The Night Before New Year

Squirrel's New Year Resolutions

Comprehension Activities for each story

Welcome your class back and bring in the New Year!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

The rhyme and repetitive text is so much fun for students to listen to.
What do you wear in the snow?
This Interactive Google Slide resource is perfect as a follow up to this delightful story.
Slide One to Ten:  Text with click and drag the item to match.
Slide Eleven: Type and Write...What did the boy do after he came inside?  What do you like to do after a cold day in the snow?
Slide Twelve:  Click and drag items in order as you retell the story.
Slide Thirteen:  Use text to click and drag order of events in the story.
Slide Fourteen:  Things that and drag yes or no.
So much fun!!

This paper/pencil resource is perfect for a "winter" day!

It is perfect for a full day of fun!

It includes warm up, word work, writing, comprehension, reading, math, craft and even a little bit of science.

I can't wait to be out one day so I can leave this for the sub:) or have a "fun Friday" when I want to keep curriculum embedded but just want a little bit of fun.

No need to fuss on making plans...this is a complete day with a perfect story starter...I Wear A Jacket in the Snow!


Monday, November 23, 2020

The First Day of Winter


The First Day of Winter arrives December 21st.
This delightful story by Denise Fleming is ideal to read on that special day.
It is filled with sequential events and perfect for recall and retell.
The Interactive Google Slide resource above is a perfect followup to the story.
Slide One: Informational Text...What is winter?... Type using Winter Is, Has, Can
Slide Two:  Click and drag items into the correct sequential order using ordinal numbers.
Slide Three:  Click and drag how many of each item were given. (number word recognition and recall)
Slide Four:  Click and drag to build you own snowman.  Type How to Build a Snowman.
Slide Five:  Using the December calendar click and drag the missing numbers.  Click and drag stickers to the special events in winter.
Slide Six:  Summer/Winter sort.  Click and drag activities into the correct box.  Type your opinion as to the best season.
Great interactive activities for a wonderful story.

This is the Paper/Pencil Resource.
Even if "winter" does not include "snow" in your area it is a tremendous opportunity for teachers to talk with their class about "winter solstice" known as...THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER.

Using Denise Fleming's book The First Day of Winter kiddos will enjoy...

Colorful Vocabulary for posting

Word Search

Informational text on the first day of winter

Using ordinal numbers...first, second, third...cut an match to items

Writing a paragraph about winter and snow

Graphic organizers for preparing to write

Listing snowy day activities

Preparing a "snowy" illustration

Brainstorming adjectives to describe winter...identifying them activity

Completing a calendar for December and finding the "first day of winter"

Comprehension strategy... what the main character sees, hears, does

Game Board for a snowman.

This is the perfect companion for the above.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice.

If you asked your class would they know what it means?

Whether you live in Florida or Michigan it is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the winter season!

The packet includes:

Informational Text (mini book, fold and read, one page format)

Let's Find Out

Winter in My Backyard

On the winter solstice I might...see, hear, smell

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Gobble Up the Savings!!


I am THANKFUL for all of you so I hope you will "gobble" up these savings while you have a chance!!

Let's Write...December Themed!

Wonderful activities to promote writing and creative thinking with a December Theme.
Slide One:  Informational text...Choose a holiday to write about.
Slide Two:  Using the word AND to connect ideas.
Slide Three:  Click and drag the adjective that fits in the sentence.  Read the sentence and mark the adjective.
Slide Four:  Informational text...First Day of Winter...Rewrite using text.
Slide Five:  Punctuation...Click and drag the correct punctuation to the sentence.
Slide Six:  Informational Text...What holidays have in common.
Slide Seven:  Assessment...Use skills to write using picture prompts.

Samples shown here are from How to Catch Santa!
December focuses on Opinion, Narrative, Sequence, and How To writing with the topics: 

How to Catch Santa

I Felt ___________

In My Opinion (decorating tree, drinking hot chocolate)

Bear Stays Up

Each of the four lessons come with Lesson Plans and Literature Suggestions

How to Catch Santa

Bear Stays Up

Click, Clack Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's Christmas David!

The packet includes two sections.


This part includes:


Literature Suggestion

Lesson Plans

Graphic Organizers

"Sloppy Copy" page with editing

"Sloppy Copy" page

Editing Note for student and teacher editing.


This part includes:

Pages for publishing

Cover to make a class book

Skill worksheets and posters are included in each of the four lessons.

December will provide practice for understanding ADJECTIVES...what kind, adjectives that compare, adding more than on adjective.

Each of these skills will enhance student writing skills.

I think these lessons are WRITE ON!