Thursday, January 31, 2019

Will he see his shadow?? GROUNDHOG DAY

Well at least those of you who live in the Northern regions must certainly be feeling this way!
After the Polar Vortex and the Snow....
Looking forward to the fun filled prediction the Groundhog will make!
These packets will help you take Groundhog Day to another level by using it as a teaching tool for groundhog facts, lessons about prediction and science experiments with shadows.  What better way to make real world connections?!!

Two Weeks from Today!! VALENTINE'S DAY

February 14th is two weeks away from today!
I think each of these packets is perfect to help prepare for this special day!
You and your class will LOVE them!
And check out the adorable crafts that accompany it.

This story is a favorite for the kiddos.
It is ideal for a Valentine celebration and connecting TEXT OT SELF and FEELINGS.
Again look at the cute crafts and page toppers for showcasing student writing.

Oh Froggy you are so cute. And what?  A first kiss...ewwwwww!
But your class will love following the story with these delightful activities and crafts.
I "Toad" ally LOVE this!

And yes this is FREE!

 If you loved the FREEBIE you will appreciate this...Groundhog, President's, Dental Health and Valentine are all covered.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Activities

Do you feel LUCKY?
You will if you share these activities with your class.
So much fun with balanced literacy!

Word Work
Making words, syllables, parts of speech.
All vocabulary is related to St. Patrick's Day.
(not shown are the other 6 vocabulary cards as well as word search, ABC Order and another making words with St. Patricks Day.

Informational text includes a mini book filled with facts about St. Patrick's Day.
There is a T/F page which is perfect for assessment or have your class use the text while completing the activity.  There is also a graphic organizer for students to write down key facts from the text.
Not shown are 3 differentiated final write pages for informational writing.

And there are MORE opportunities for writing.
Creative, IS/HAS/CAN, Sensory, and paragraph.

MY FAVORITE!  Reader's Theater on Catching a Leprechaun.
There are 6 parts to the reading so your class can be divided into groups.
Following the reading your class can write about catching a leprechaun AND creating a WANTED poster.

Then more writing with the leprechaun.  Wishes and a letter.

There are so many wonderful stories about St. Patrick's Day.
Here are four of my favorites with comprehension activities to follow each one.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mardi Gras

This year Mardi Gras is on March 5th.
Your class will have fun learning about Mardi Gras using the activities in this packet.

Making this mask is simple and your class will love showing them off.

Word Work using Mardi Gras vocabulary!
ABC order, Completing sentences with vocabulary, Syllables, Word Search

Informational text in three forms. ( Single page, Print and fold, Mini book)

Graphic Organizer for noting key ideas in text.
Fact or opinion a form of assessment.


Final Write Pages

Math Games at differentiated levels including addition, subtraction and more/less.

Friday, January 25, 2019

February Math and Literacy Activities...Print and Go!

These games and activities are so much fun and perfect for your math or literacy centers.
The 18 math games include:
addition to 12/20
subtraction to 12/20
greater than/less than
number words

missing addends

The 12 literacy activities include:
parts of speech
making words
types of sentences

word sort...ou and ow
word search

The writing activities include: (Groundhog, Valentine's Day, President)
graphic organizers

writing sentences
writing a paragraph

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

101 Days of Fun!

Celebrating the number of days of school can be so much fun!
With all primary grades wanting to get involved how about:
Kindergarten celebrates 100
First Grade 101
And Second Grade 120

I love the idea but have developed nothing yet for 101.

And here is what I started for 101 and have it set up as a FREEBIE!!
Two ideas for cute Dalmatian headbands.

A number study for 101 and a student picture of them on the 101st day!

Have you class think about 101

 and write about 101.