Sunday, December 27, 2020

FREE... Snowmen at Night


Have you ever wondered what your snowman does while you sleep at night?
This delightful story will share with you what one young boy imagines his snowman did while he slept.
Both of these resources are FREE!

This Interactive Google Slide resource is perfect as a followup to the story.
It is ideal for distance learning or a literacy/computer center.
Slide One:  Story Elements...Click and drag
Slide Two:  Sequencing...Click and drag
Slide Three:  Let's Chat...Text to Self...Type
Slide Four:  Imagine If...Write
Slide Five:  Making Words from Snowmen(snowman)
Yep!!  SNOW much fun!

Here is the paper/pencil version.

Mark and Caralyn Buehner created this delightful story, Snowmen at Night.

Your class will love listening to this delightful story and then participating and completing these delight FREE activities created to accompany it.


Story Elements


What did the snowmen do at night?


Here is what I think?


Graphic Organizers

Paragraph Organizer

Final write pages for student creations

Word Work:

Making words with letters from "snowmen"

Friday, December 25, 2020

Snowflakes...Informational Text ...Snowflake Bentley


During the winter I am always looking for ways to include informational text and informative writing, beginning research for students with a winter theme.
Snowflake Bentley is perfect and it lends itself to a wonderful story with lots of facts and information.
These Interactive Google Slides are perfect for distance learning or a literature center.
Slide One:  Snowflake Bentley's early life...Let's Chat (type)Text to Self
Slide Two:  Snowflake Bentley as a teenager...Making predictions using text (type)
Slide Three:  Photographing snowflakes...persuasive writing (type)
Slide Four:  Bentley as an adult...informative writing (type)
Slide Five:  Parts of Speech using snowflake vocabulary
Slide Six:  Bentley's Time Line (Click and drag)
Slide Seven:  Vocabulary...Definition/match word(Click and drag)
Slide Eight:  Things that melt (Click and drag)

Snowflakes are SNOW much fun.
Learning about "how they are born" is informative.
These Interactive Google Slides are ideal for distance learning or a computer center.
They are filled with informational text and activities that promote informative writing (research).
Slide One:  Snowflake Poem..What I Know...What I Wonder (type)
Slide Two:  Facts about snowflakes...Using text to gather key facts (type)
Slide Three:  Reading for Detail...Using text to answer T/F statements.
Slide Four:  Cause/Effect...(Click and drag)
Slide Five:  Life Cycle of a Snowflake...(Click and drag)
Slide Six:  Making Words from the letters in SNOWFLAKES

Paper Pencil Resource

Whether you live in a sunshine state or a snowy state children are fascinated by the uniqueness and beauty of snowflakes.It contains:

Literature Suggestions

Vocabulary Cards

KWL Page

Text...single sheet and mini booklet form

How a snowflake forms

Recall True/False Page 

Cause and Effect 

Sequencing a snowflake forms

What is a snowflake

Snowflake Bentley sensory page


Parts of Speech...using vocabulary from topic

Making words...snowflakes

Syllables...using vocabulary from topic

Counting and sorting snowflakes

Making a snowflake

Hexagon thoughts

Idea Gathering...sequence

Snow Day Opinion

Idea the snow

Snowflake Bentley informational text and activities

Writing Class Cover

Final draft pages

I think your students will find snowflakes fascinating!


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Winter Math and Literacy Activities


I am so excited about these Interactive Google Slides for math and literacy practice.
They are winter themed and linked to curriculum goals for students.
They could even be used for assessment.
Each slide is interactive by typing or click and drag.
Slide One:  Count and write number and number word.
Slide Two:  Addition 10, 12, 20
Slide Three:  Sequencing
Slide Four:  Addition/Subtraction to 20, Working with facts
Slide Five: Count and match number word
Slide Six:  Writing Number Stories using pictures
Slide Seven:  Addition
Slide Eight:  Odd or Even

Slide One:  Editing
Slide Two:  Punctuation
Slide Three:  ABC Order
Slide Four:  sh, sl, sn
Slide Five:  Syllables
Slide Six:  Read and match
Slide Seven:  Parts of speech
Slide Eight:  Let's make words...snowflake
Slide Nine:  Writing

I have priced this packet to be a bargain for you and your class.

There are 38 pages of math and literacy games and activities at a discounted price.

I love using them in my literacy and math centers.

They are also ideal for small group skill practice, whole group, or I'm what!

The 16 math activities include:



greater than/less than




The 12 literacy activities include:

parts of speech


making words

types of sentences

The 10 writing activities include:


writing sentences

writing a paragraph