Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hey There Big Green Monster!

What color is your imaginary monster?
The story had a BIG GREEN MONSTER who everyone loves.
Your class will have the opportunity to use adjectives to describe with the activities in this packet as well as create a monster AND even enjoy a little treat!

Craft and poster to describe monster.

A glyph for your class to create a monster.

Chances to write using descriptive words.

Word work especially focused on color.

Room on the Broom...Reader's Theater, Activities, Craft

I love this story for the month of October.  
Is there room on the broom?
Let's find out!

I created this witch craft to go with the story and a "character chat" for the class to describe the witch in the story.

The sequencing in the story leads to an ideal opportunity for a reader's theater.
There are name plates for the characters, pictures, and a booklet for students to highlight their part.
Work on expression!

I have also provided comprehension activities.
Story elements, sensory, character identification.

Word work includes ABC order, a word search, and -oo-.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Spiders and Bats BEWARE!

Bats and Spiders BEWARE!!
With the Halloween spirit in the air it's the perfect time to use informational text to explore Bats and Spiders.

There are 12 vocabulary cards for posting as well as activities for making words with nocturnal and arachnid. Understanding key words is important in understanding informational text.

Mini books are available for informational text.  These can be used for guided reading or gathering details.
There are also graphic organizers for collecting details as well as practice in reading for detail.

These pages focus on helping the students prepare writing for their research topic.

There are three styles of writing.
Opinion, informational, and personification.

To enhance your study there is data collection, patterns, and key words for definitions and syllables.

Look at the adorable crafts for decorating a bulletin board or classroom wall.

Owls...Teaching primary students to use informational text!

 An owl themed packet using informational text.
Ideal for encouraging the development of comprehension strategies using realistic text and informational text.
Understanding vocabulary is KEY to understanding the concepts so there are vocabulary cards for posting.
There is also a cute owl craft.
Make a tree and add these to it for "Look Who's Reading" or "Writing is a hoot!" 

There is a mini book filled with information about the life cycle of an owl and facts about how an owl survives.  These can be used for guided reading or independent fact gathering.
Students can highlight key concepts in the booklet.

Using realistic fiction...Owl Babies...students will look at character personality and sequencing.

They will identify parts of the story and make predictions.

Using these two Informational Texts or the mini books provided there are activities for gathering details about owls.

These graphic organizers are ideal for recording key details.
There is also a class book cover for sharing students final reports.

Here are ideas for word work...definitions, making words, parts of speech and syllables.

Finally the packet ends with two differentiated math games for your math center or lesson.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Who WAS Christopher Columbus?

Who WAS Christopher Columbus?
Did he really discover America?
Does your class know?
This packet is perfect for sharing his story.
He may not have discovered America but he was an explorer who provided us information.

The craft is a ship sailing around the world.
Your class will love it!
There are also vocabulary cards for posting.

This poem is for posting and for your class to read.

There is a mini book filled with informational text, a time line, and a poster to create on Christopher Columbus.

Scoot is the perfect assessment game.  Move and Assess with a partner!

For word work there is an ABC order, word search, making words, and an exploration on the definition of explorer.

Writing is informational with a cover for a class book.

This activity is called Where in the world?
Children explain things found in today's world to Christopher Columbus.
How would you tell Christopher Columbus what a cell phone is?

Let's Write...October!

This packet is perfect for growing student writing skills.
It is filled with grammar as well as literature to stimulate ideas.
These are followed by pre writing activities for idea gathering, first copy writes, and then a journal for preparing published writing.
The four topics covered are:
Fire Safety
Christopher Columbus
Here you see the covers for the October Workbook where all skills and first copy writes take place as well as the cover for the monthly Journal where all final writes are placed.
This is ideal for sending home monthly.
Parents can watch their child's writing improve!!

Each story comes with a lesson plan, suggested literature piece, grammar skill and practice for grammar.  I encourage the grammar be correct in the writing.

Next three choices are available for gathering ideas and thoughts for writing.
Self correct ideas are provided.
These are followed by the final write pages which go in the student Journal.

Finally there are levels pages for final writes.