Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ocean Study

What is all the commotion in ocean? 
This packet focuses on ...
Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Octopuses, Sea Turtles
It is ideal for supporting the primary child in reading informational text, collecting information, and then writing about it.

The packet has vocabulary for posting.  It is colorful and has pictures.
There is also an anchor chart for the writing center.

I love the craft for decorating the room with a "dive in" theme!
Simple to make and so cute to post.

Begin with the song...A Sailor Went to Sea
Use this as for pre assessing students prior knowledge.
There is also an opinion writing page...would you like to "dive in" the sea?

To support the theme in your literacy centers is the idea of sea/see along with ee and ea.

Final a complete study of the five sea creatures listed.
Here is the sample of the shark.
Each sea creature has suggested literacy, mini books filled with informational text, and a graphic organizer for collecting text.

This is followed by comprehension activities, reading for details and using text to read and write.

Students will have several opportunities to write.
If I were...
Writing a paragraph...

Literature and activities are suggested for each sea creature.
For the shark it is Smiley Shark.
The literature suggestion is followed by literacy activities.

And finally as a post assessment...what is the Commotion in the Ocean?
You and your class will love "diving in" to this wonderful packet.

Monday, June 26, 2017

FREE Phonics Assessment

Vowels, Consonants
Blends, Digraphs, Diphthongs
YIKES what do they all mean AND how do you keep track of what you class has mastered.

It is so important to provide lessons in phonics for the primary child.  Phonics skills help students to spell, decode, read fluently, comprehend, and also help with pronunciation.  
For strong readers in the primary grades phonics skills seem come easily BUT phonics can help them in decoding more difficult vocabulary they come across in their text.  For struggling readers phonics will help them become more fluent as they are able to decode words at a faster pace.
FOR ALL students phonics is a tremendous help with spelling and writing.

My struggle with teaching phonics was...keeping track of the what the students knew.
This assessment packet will be helpful.
It can be used with a parent helper or you can carve out time to assess individual students yourself.
The only thing about you assessing is you can listen and see what difficulty the student is having.
These are quick and easy.  
I hope your will find them helpful.

The packet comes with an individual student record keeping page.
There are then 8 skill assessments:
Onset and Rime
CVC Words
Controlled R
Vowel Digraphs
Vowel Diphthongs

For practice and center activities you will enjoy these.
Each has games and activities your class will enjoy!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Long Vowels Games and Activities

And this packet has lots of practice for you and your class!, ai, ay
Ee...ea, ee,, ey, igh, y
Oo...oa, oe, ow
Uu...ui, ue, ew
This packet has been recently updated with new font for easier reading.
You will see a sample in the FREEBIE!
Find it here.
So that you can see a sample of what the packet is about check out the OA FREEBIE!
Pick it up here.

Each vowel team has a set of vocabulary cards for posting.
The first activity includes reading the words and then drawing a picture of one.
That is followed by my favorite...making words.

There is a word search, a word sort, a word write, and then a spin and build a word.

Finally we have ABC order, making tallies and a cut and paste word family match.

The section ends with a game for 2 to 4 layers.
Colorful and effective!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phonics Practice...Blends, Digraphs, Vowel Teams and more!!

Check out these fun filled colorful activities for providing phonics practice for your class!
These activities are fun and perfect for placing in your literacy center.
Each group has vocabulary cards for posting.
Colorful and they include pictures.
In a center they are perfect for ABC order to the 3rd letter.

The activities include a spin and create, make words, sort, and writing sentences.  

Shown here are Sh and Ch but the packet includes 130 pages of a variety of activities to enhance phonics skills.

Short Vowel Word Family Fun...AEIOU

Teaching short vowels can always be a challenge.
This package provides 170 pages worth of practice and reinforcement!
Cut and Paste, Spin, Roll, Tally, Graph, Print
The samples shown here are some of the activities from the Short Aa section.

I love the colorful vocabulary cards for printing and posting.
Put them in a center for sorting, reading or putting in ABC order.
Here are two examples of the cut and paste.

Students here will practice printing and then graphing.

Word searches are always fun and really support visual skills.

Here we see another roll, read, color and a spin and color.
There are also activities that focus on -at and -an.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Math...Allowing for Differentiation

One Game Board + Dice + Students = A Differentiated Mathematics Activity
As educators providing experiences meaningful to each individual student is important.
In order to make this happen it is important that we provide differentiated activities.
Differentiating does not always mean preparing a different activity for each students.
The examples here use the same game board and the same math strategy but differentiating using the number of dice the student uses to play the game.

Greater Than
Using one die they look at numbers to 6.
I love playing with students and asking questions.
I roll 5 and you roll 3.
Five is greater than 3.
How much greater?
Develop those levels of thinking.
By adding 2,3 or 4 die we encourage addition plus finding the greatest number.
I like to include the record keeping pages for accountability.

Same as greater than only this time we are looking at less than.
You might also introduce the signs. < >
Again differentiate by using more die.

You are teaching addition BUT some are ready for higher level addition.
Increase difficulty just by the number of die used.
I love if you are using 4 die.
Add 2 and Add 2 and what is the total.
A bit of higher level thinking involved.

Same is true with subtraction.
By increasing die used and adding the higher number you increase difficulty.

This is the subtraction to 10.
One die and find the difference.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fun with short vowels...aeiou!

Teaching short vowels can be a real challenge.
This packet is designed to provide practice and review with the CVC words.
Your class will enjoy completing the activities and playing the game.
The activities shown here are for short Aa but each vowel is included.

Each short vowel has 8 activities to complete.
Build a Word
Word Search
Word Family
The self check is the students writing their choices.

Spin and Color
Real or Nonsense
ABC Order

Word Tally 
Word Hunt

The game is for 2 to 4 players and includes reading CVC words as well as extra credit for spelling.
Lots of fun and can be played over and over!