Sunday, April 25, 2021

Flag Day


8 Slides... $2

On June 14th we honor the American Symbol the flag.
To many citizens it means FREEDOM.
When flown citizens display patriotism.
These two resources will inform your students about the history of the flag as well as its meaning.
One of my favorite books to share with my class during this lesson is The Flag We Love!

The google slides include:
Informational text on Flag Day is followed by recall questions using text.
Informational text on the nickname of the flag followed by student writing a description for the flag.
Informational text on Betsy Ross.  Students write what they would like to do in the future.
The flag stands for FREEDOM.  Students write what they are free to do.
Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.  Students list places they might hear the song and see the flag.
The Pledge...Click and drag the pledge into order.

25 pages...$2.50

The resource includes informational text in 3 differentiated forms.
These are followed by a graphic organizer to record key details from the text and a True/False using facts from the text.
Activities include:
The flag stands for FREEDOM.  What are you free to do?
Betsy Ross was a seamstress.  What do you want to do when you are older?
The Pledge...fill in the missing words.
Sensory...where might you hear, see, touch.
Color a flag.
Create a family flag.
Word Work...word search, making words with patriotism.
The current flag has 50 stars.  Skip counting.
Flag Code...What rules do you follow?

We've paired up Interactive Google Slides and the Paper Pencil Resource.
The perfect classroom team!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Father's Day!

8 slides ... $2
Celebrate this special day with DAD!
These resources are designed to provide activities to help students celebrate DAD by reading and writing.
Slide One:  An Interview with Dad
Slide Two:  Writing about Dad
Slide Three:  Making Predictions about Dad
Slide Four:  Text to read about dad...Use adjectives to describe Dad
Slide Five:  The perfect day with dad.
Slide Six:  Poem about Dad.  Making a list of things we love about dad.
Slide Seven:  Math with Dad...Directions for a game

40 pages ... $3
Three literacy suggestions with an activity to follow.
Just Me and My Dad
What Dads Can't Do
How to Surprise Dad
Craft Suggestion for card ... I'm "hooked" on my Dad
Word work:  word search, adjectives, abc order, word scramble
Writing: Interview, what make's Dad special, about my Dad
Graphic Organizers
and so much more!!

40 pages...$3

From the author and illustrator of HOW TO BABYSIT GRANDMA AND GRANDPA comes another delightful story by Reagan and Wildish...HOW TO Surprise a Dad!

It is perfect for enhancing creative thinking and writing "how to" pieces.

This packet is filled with activities to support comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and even a little mathematics.

Vocabulary for posting (colorful cards with pictures)


How to Surprise a Dad

How to Surprise My Dad


An opinion page

A "how to" page

Writing final copy pages with differentiated levels of writing pages.


Cause and Effect...It what would happen?

Story Elements

Predict...what surprise would your dad like?

Interview with Dad

Writing about your interview.

Word Work...

Parts of Speech

ABC order

Black and White vocabulary cards to match the words (students can color and take home)

Roll and Read...have fun reading words loudly, softly, silly, slowly, quickly

Word Search

Morning Senses...smell, touch, taste, hear, see

What would dad like to find inside his gift?

2 Mathematics Game (Subtraction to 12 and 20)

We've paired up Interactive Google Slides and a Paper Pencil Resource to make the perfect team!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

School's Out for the Summer!


Imagine there are very few who can't wait to shout ...
These activities are ideal for recalling some of the highlights of this school year.
10 pages...$2
Slide One:  Information about this, grade, next year's grade
Slide Two:  Poem... Last Day Blues
Slide Three:  What I will miss about this year
Slide Four:  What my teacher will miss about this year
Slide Five:  What would your teacher, a classmate, YOU tell next year's teacher about you.
Slide Six:  The perfect and drag
Slide Seven:  Recess 
Slide Eight:  Find a classmate who...
A wonderful collection of slides about your school year.

55 pages...$4

Clipboard list...

What I will miss about school 

What my teacher will miss about this class

Bucket list...

What I want to do this summer

What we think my teacher will do this summer

Make Words...Summertime

Summertime Dream...Write and Illustrate

What I learned from my teacher

What I learned in class

Data Collection

Write about data collection

Word Search

Memory Book...

A Great Year (school information)

My Teacher

Field Trip

Favorite Subject

Friends (Autographs)

Best Lunch

(Use them all or some!)

About My Year Poster...

Summertime Poster...

Wrist Bands... 


Goldfish Awards or Snack label for special day.

You are O"fish"ally in ___grade!

Candy Awards...

20 Awards, each with a different idea.

M&M's Your work was marvelous and magnificent.

Starbursts Your papers were always worth a star.

Lifesavers You were always helpful to others.

And 17 others!!

Class Award Activity...

Students read listed titles and put a student who fits the description in their opinion.

A perfect way to end the year and look forward to the next!