Saturday, January 30, 2021

February Math and Literacy Activities!


Interactive Google Slides
I am always looking for activities for practice and review to place in literacy and math centers.
These activities are perfect.  
They are also ideal for "I done...what now?".
Best of all they have a February theme:  Groundhog, President, Symbol, Dental, Valentine
All resources are priced at a discounted rate as a gift for you!!
Interactive Google Slides for February Math:
Addition to 20
Story Problems
Odd Even
Number Words

Interactive Google Slides for February Literacy:
Parts of Speech
Making Words
Writing...Valentine's Day, Brushing Teeth
ABC Order
You will "heart" these!

Paper/Pencil Resource

Product Description

I have priced this packet to be a bargain for you and your class.
There are 42 pages of math and literacy games and activities at a discounted price.
I love using them in my literacy and math centers.
They are also ideal for small group skill practice, whole group, or I'm what!

The 18 math games include:
addition to 12/20
subtraction to 12/20
greater than/less than
number words

missing addends

The 12 literacy activities include:
parts of speech
making words
types of sentences

word sort...ou and ow

word search

The writing activities include: (Groundhog, Valentine's Day, President)
graphic organizers

writing sentences
writing a paragraph

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Let's Write February!!


February is such a fun month for writing topics.
This resource is interactive and encourages students to express their ideas by typing.
Great for practice.
George Washington...Informational Text...Informative Writing
Groundhog's Day... Informational Text ... Opinion Writing
Valentine's Day...Informational Text... How To Writing
Assessment...How to take care of teeth, The Groundhog
There are also interactive activities related to synonyms and antonyms.
Have a peek at the slides below.

Looking for a writing project that includes a craft...check this out!

It is perfect for your literacy centers during the month of February.

The packet includes:

Self Check for independent writers

Abe Lincoln/George Washington

_________ was, had, wanted

Graphic Organizers for collecting 4 facts with key vocabulary

If I were __________________

Compare and Contrast...graphic organizer...George Washington and Abe Lincoln

This activity contains a pre write and final write with your choice of writing lined paper or simple lined

Are you ready?

Let's Write...February

This packet is designed to provide students with practice using the CCSS.

This writing packet has three levels to provide DIFFERENTIATION in your writing program!

February focuses on Sensory, Persuasive, Summative, and How To writing with the topics: 

Topic/Literature Suggestion with lesson plans.

The Day it Rained Hearts...How to make a Valentine

My Teacher for President...Why my teacher would make a good president

Go to Sleep Groundhog...What did Groundhog see, hear, taste

Arthur's Tooth...Summary

The packet includes two sections.


This part includes:


Literature Suggestion

Lesson Plans

Graphic Organizers

"Sloppy Copy" page with editing

"Sloppy Copy" page

Editing Note for student and teacher editing.


This part includes:

Pages for publishing

Cover to make a class book

Skill worksheets and posters are included in each of the four lessons.

February covers synonyms and antonyms.

Each of these skills will enhance student writing skills.

I think these lessons are WRITE ON!

Monday, January 25, 2021

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!!


Every child looks forward to the 100th day of school.
These interactive Google slides will help you to celebrate with your class.
Slide One:  Friends made in 100 days and fun had at school.
Slide Two:  Teacher/Favorite Subject
Slide Three:  100 Is A lot...Click and drag 3 favorites.
Slide Four:  Wish for 100 of something...Three things you like best about 100 day.
Slide Five:  Thinking about 100...I wish I had 100, I would not want 100...When I am 100
Slide Six:  Parts of Speech/ABC and drag vocabulary
Slide Seven:  Making 100 and drag ... Typing numbers to 100
Maybe not 100 ways but I bet you get 100 SMILES!

There are so many ways to make the 100th Day memorable and enjoyable while maintaining curriculum and rigor.

This packet contains:

Vocabulary cards for posting

Outline of a suggested day with pictures

Count down to the 100th and count

Note to parents explaining activities and the support required

Individual notes to use as reminders 

Activities include...

100th Day Shirt decorated with 100 items bringing 

100 treats for our 100th day snack

Estimation jars

100th day headband

Cupcake Toppers

"Smarties" Treat


Boy and Girl with 100th day banner



I focus on three stories but there are many others that could be included. Each story includes comprehension pages to accompany the story.

The Night Before the 100th Day (recall)

100th Day Worries (Problem Identification)

The 100th Day of School (Compare/Contrast)


100 Is A Lot...accompanied by a writing activity

Read 100 words


Interactive Mini Book about 100 Days of School

Word Work:

Making Words with One Hundred Days (Letters for center included)

Word of the Day ...hundred


Rolling for 100 with a partner

Read and graphing 100

Writing numbers to 100 by 2,5,10 and 1


10's Counting Mat...can be used to count snack pieces or making 

Making 100 cents

Spending $100

Spinning for 100


Illustrating favorite part of day

Writing about 100th day

Writing about when I am 100

Illustrating Me At 100

Maybe not 100 ways but I bet you get 100 SMILES!