Thursday, April 22, 2021

School's Out for the Summer!


Imagine there are very few who can't wait to shout ...
These activities are ideal for recalling some of the highlights of this school year.
10 pages...$2
Slide One:  Information about this, grade, next year's grade
Slide Two:  Poem... Last Day Blues
Slide Three:  What I will miss about this year
Slide Four:  What my teacher will miss about this year
Slide Five:  What would your teacher, a classmate, YOU tell next year's teacher about you.
Slide Six:  The perfect and drag
Slide Seven:  Recess 
Slide Eight:  Find a classmate who...
A wonderful collection of slides about your school year.

55 pages...$4

Clipboard list...

What I will miss about school 

What my teacher will miss about this class

Bucket list...

What I want to do this summer

What we think my teacher will do this summer

Make Words...Summertime

Summertime Dream...Write and Illustrate

What I learned from my teacher

What I learned in class

Data Collection

Write about data collection

Word Search

Memory Book...

A Great Year (school information)

My Teacher

Field Trip

Favorite Subject

Friends (Autographs)

Best Lunch

(Use them all or some!)

About My Year Poster...

Summertime Poster...

Wrist Bands... 


Goldfish Awards or Snack label for special day.

You are O"fish"ally in ___grade!

Candy Awards...

20 Awards, each with a different idea.

M&M's Your work was marvelous and magnificent.

Starbursts Your papers were always worth a star.

Lifesavers You were always helpful to others.

And 17 others!!

Class Award Activity...

Students read listed titles and put a student who fits the description in their opinion.

A perfect way to end the year and look forward to the next!


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!

A shell?  Oh well!!
It's beach weather what else would you do?
We love these.
12 slides... $2
Students will click and drag items to the Old Lady's hand as they read aloud with the story.
So much fun!
Slide One to Seven:  Read and click and drag items to Old Lady's hand.   Vocabulary
Slide Eight:  All of this was such a hassle out came a SANDCASTLE!
Slide Nine:  Vocabulary...Click and drag to match.
Slide Ten:  Sequencing...Click and drag to order.
Slide Eleven:  Write...The perfect summer day!

26 pages ... $2

We LOVE the beach!

The Perfect Story for Read and Retell.

Work on expression!

Work on word work, writing, and more!!

12 Colorful Vocabulary Cards for posting

Story Sequence

Vocab Match

Story Retell...color, cut, slide

Cause and Effect

ABC Order

Center Activities


2 Game boards for partner work

Writing...narrative, how to

Teamed up they make the perfect combination.
Interactive Google Slides
Paper Pencil Activities and Craft


Sunday, April 18, 2021

You must have been a beautiful BABY!!

8 Slides...$2
I love this resource!
What fun sharing what we were like as a baby!
It is fun having students bring in baby pictures and having the class guess who is who!
Slide One:  When born we are dependent on others...How I have changed.
Slide Two:  As a baby depend on parents for survival sort.  Look at me now!
Slide Three:  As I grow I am finding new things about myself.  This is me!
Slide Four:  Family traits.  People I have traits from.
Slide Five:  You must have been a ______ baby!  How would you complete the sentence.
Slide Six:  Vocabulary...ABC Order, Syllables, Making Words

56 pages...$4

All kids love learning about themselves as a baby.

This packet provides the perfect opportunity for students to explore how they have grown and changed. 

The packet contains:

12 Vocabulary Cards for Posting

Craft...Baby craft....You must have been a beautiful baby!!

Letters to parents

Page for posting baby picture

Page for posting recent picture

"Egg" periment...babysitting an egg

Writing about caring for your egg

Graphic Organizer...Final Copy

Activity for time line information gathering 

Time Line Cube

SnapShots of Me

Recall/connection activities for: Arthur's Baby, Owen, Julius, When I Was Young

Name activities for Chrysanthemum

Writing Pages

ABC Order


Word Search


One of my favorite themes...especially the baby pictures!

Interactive Google Slides and Paper Pencil Resource


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Plants..."Growing" our knowledge of plants!


Interactive Google Slides for "Growing" our knowledge of plants.

12 slides...$3

These slides work well for distance learning, a science center or as an enhancement to your unit on plants. It is the perfect way to add technology to your paper pencil resources.

Slide One:  What I KWL...True or False   (This is displayed at the beginning of the resource and at the end.  It is perfect for an assessment of what your students know and learned.

Slide Two:  All about plants...Informational text...Use text to answer questions.

Slide Three:  Label parts of plant.  Seeds...all about!

Slide Four:  Seeds Scatter and What a plant needs.

Slide Five:  Inside a seed.  Life cycle of a plant.

Slide Six:  Life cycle of a plant.

Slide Seven:  All about leaves and flowers.

Slide Eight:  All about the stem and roots.

Slide Nine:  Parts of the plants we eat...sort.Slide Nine:  

Slide Ten:  Assessment



60 pages...$5

It contains:

A plant craft

An interactive plant book

A sequencing page for plant life cycle

Vocabulary Cards

Labeling activities (root, seed, flower, stem, leaf)

5 pages on the parts of a plant

Writing activities for the steps to planting

Observation pages for watching the plants grow

Writing about a plant

Parts of the plants we eat and be a plant detective

Activities to follow The Tiny Seed

True and False for Gail Gibbons From Seed to Plant

These T/F could also be completed as a pre and post assessment with out the story.

Tops and Bottoms Reading Response

Creative writing on "what would you plant"

Word Work with vocabulary from the plant unit.

Making Words

ABC Order


Vocabulary Building (Spin a Word, Roll a Word)

Check out the preview for a look at the majority of pages included.

Let's "grow" student knowledge of plants!