Thursday, January 21, 2021

Chinese New Year...February 12th

Chinese New Year for 2021 is just around the corner.
February 12th
It is a perfect time to learn about other cultures and their traditions as well as make comparisons between our New Year and the Chinese New Year.
These interactive Google slides are ideal for distance learning, independent online activities or even whole group as you read the informational text together and then the student work independently to answer the questions using the text.
The informational text pages can be used as mini lessons about the topic.
There are also click and drag activities for review and interaction.
Assessment is easy as students share their presentations with you.
Slide One:  Chinese New Year...Lunar and Solar Calendars
Slide Two:  Chinese Horoscope...Zodiac Animals
Slide Three:  Lantern Festival...Details of celebration to end Chinese New Year
Slide Four:  Lion Dance
Slide Five:  Chinese New Year Traditions
Slide Six:  Review of information just shared...Student created poster
Slide Seven:  Click and Drag...Tradition/Not a tradition
Slide Eight:  Chinese Zodiac Animals...Click and drag favorite and give reasons
Slide Nine:  Comparing the New Years...Click and Drag

This product includes:

Informational book and anchor chart for guided reading

Suggested Reading

Comprehension Activit├ęs

Formative Assessment


Word Work...making words, word search

Writing...sensory, informative

Guided Reading


Gung Hay...Money with the Red Envelope


Monday, January 18, 2021

American Symbols


Help build an appreciation for America and it's symbols! Should fit right in with Presidents' Day.

This Interactive Google Slide Resource provides information on the following American Symbols:
White House
Statue of Liberty
Liberty Bell
Bald Eagle
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Mount Rushmore
Each slide covers information about the symbol and then an activity for students to interact with about the symbol.  The final slide has students pick their favorite symbol and then share why.  
There is also a word work slide with syllables and a word study on liberty.
Students interact using "click and drag" as well as typing.

This resource contains:

Two crafts- an eagle and a bell (representing the bald eagle and the Liberty Bell)

List of suggested book titles

16 Vocabulary Cards on US Symbols for posting


Favorite American Symbol

Designing a Family Symbol

Fact Cards on - Liberty Bell, bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Flag, Mount Rushmore

Filled with informational text

Fun Facts - fact card and an activity to accompany each symbol

Word Work...

Word of the Day - Liberty

Pledge Poster

Activity sheet to fill in missing words from the pledge

Making words from American

Word Search

Writing Activities- Book on the symbols

Is, Can, Has...flag and eagle

Letter to the President

Friday, January 15, 2021

Presidents' Day


Find it here.
These interactive Google slides are ideal for sharing during the week of Presidents' Day.
Slide One:  Syllables and ABC order...President's Names...Click and drag
Slide Two:  Let's Make Words from Presidents...Click and drag letters
Slide Three:  List of the 46 Presidents of the USA
Slide Four:  Graphic Organizing for researching one of the presidents listed
Slide Five:  Presidential Seal...Informational Text...Sharing information about self to create seal for YOU
Slide Six:  Presidential Pets...Informational Text...Text to Self and Opinion...Type
Slide Seven:  Joe Biden...Informational Text...Gather facts from text to share...Type
Slide Eight:  The President...Informational Text...Gather facts from text ...Type

Your class will also enjoy this Paper/Pencil Resource.
These are two of my favorite books to share during Presidents' Day.
Activities are included in the resource to accompany these pieces of literature.

The Resource Contains:

2 Forms of Informational text on Presidents' Day

2 Fold and Read books on Elections and Presidents' Day

Word of the Day...President 

Presidential Seal

If I Were President

Let's Make Words...President

Let Me Tell You About a President

Graphic Organizers for gathering facts

Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell... 3 activities to complete following reading the story (Who Am I?, Mount Rushmore, Room for One More)

My Teacher For President by Kay Winters... 3 activities to complete to follow connecting a teacher's duties to that of the President

Duck For President...activities related to elections

Word Work...ABC Order, Word Search, Contractions

Presidential Research Activities to support gathering information and following with a report on the President of their choice