Tuesday, March 31, 2020

V is for Vacation...ABC Summer Countdown

V is for vacation and it is coming soon!
What is on your bucket list for this vacation?
Make a bucket list
Word Work ... Parts of speech, syllables, make words
Games to play
Tags for special treat
Writing...At the beach I might see
Data Collection

U is for USA ...ABC Summer Countdown

U is for USA and that is a reason to celebrate.
Have the kiddos dress in red, white and blue.
Fly the flag.
It's going to be a special day.
Color the flag. Put it on an unsharpened pencil and wave them in your classroom.
Write about the flag.
Fill in the missing words to the pledge.
Informational Text about the USA.
Room for one more...add a person to Mt. Rushmore.
Write about what you like about living in the USA.
Word Work:  Syllables, ABC Order, Making Words.
Roll and Cover USA style.  (Doubles)
Proud American...How about you?

April Fools' Day...Distance Learning

This is NO JOKE!!
Instead is is the ideal resource to share with your students with either Power Point or Google Slides. There is a link in the resource for Google Classroom
Find it here.
The resource includes:
Informational text about April Fools' Day
Assignment for using text to recall information
Reading simple jokes...I bet you cannot hold back a giggle
Assignment for writing about a joke or prank played on you or you played on someone using the key words: Who Where What
Using your creativity and rhyme...Read and then try your own. 
Did you ever see a ________
Word Work with oo book and oo fool
Using a t chart to sort the words
Math...can I fool you? (Subtraction to 20)
I feel these slides with with an April Fool theme will be the perfect springboard to excite your class about a day of reading, writing, creating and practicing math with a partner game.

Monday, March 30, 2020

T is for T-Shirt...ABC Summer Countdown!

T is for t-shirt.
This resource is for celebrating a special t-shirt day.
Wear your favorite t-shirt or create a t-shirt.
The resource includes: 
Note to parents.
One for wearing a t-shirt and another for if you want them to decorate a t-shirt.
Writing about their t-shirt
Compare and contrast two t-shirts
Math Bingo...doubles
Decorate a paper t-shirt
Draw you in your t-shirt
Sensory t-shirt
All about me t-shirt

S is for Silly Socks...Countdown to Summer

Who doesn't love a pair of comfy silly socks?
This resource is devoted just to that!
Decorate your own silly socks.
Write about your silly socks.
Prepare a LOST poster for one of your silly socks.
Note home to parents sharing about wearing silly socks.
Compare and contrast two silly socks.
Word Work:  word search, rhyme, syllables, ABC order
And a math bingo game!!

If you like those activities you might enjoy the complete resource.
Similar activities just lots more!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

R is for Reading...ABC Summer Countdown

A day celebrating reading is a special day for all!
I know as an educator my goal is always to provide activities that will build a love for reading, books, and literature.  We all know how important it is that students are literate to succeed educationally but there are so many other benefits to developing a "joy for reading"!!
In this resource you will find:
4 graphic organizers for comprehension for books students have read
2 opportunities for students to share about favorite books and why they enjoy reading
Creating a title for a book
Partner work...would you rather
Word work...ABC order, syllables, rhyme, making words
2 math games with a partner
Badges to wear...I LOVE Reading!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Q is for Question ... I Mustache Ask You!

Q is for Question...I Mustache you a question??!!
So much fun.
Print the mustache and paste it on a stick.
Now what was that question?
This resource includes:
mustaches to print
Word work...making words with mustache
Questions about student
Question about their summer plans
3 activities for "would you rather"
Page for writing and organizing a paragraph
Final write pages
Math Game for addition and subtraction.

P is for Pirate...Lesson for Distance Learning

Let't give this a try!
I am providing you with the complete PDF.
You can choose pages you want your class to do but these are the ones I have created for todays lesson.
I would begin with a message to parents and your class.
Today is P is for Pirate!
You might even prepare your parents and students the day before so they come to their computer ready to go!!
I think your class will love dressing as a pirate as they prepare their lessons for the day.
Next I share patterns for the child to create a pirate hat BUT if they don't have the materials at home they can wear a bandana or create their own.  Parents need to print the skull and the hat patterns.

Next for reading I share these resources. 
I love this story to read to your class or they can use it on YouTube Penguins make Terrible Pirates.
Or another favorite How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and illustrations by David Shannon.
After the story and them reading the information they will complete the "Character Chat".
Again if they do not have access to a printer they will us a Google Doc or a notebook to put their responses.  


 My next lesson would be to have the students make words using the letters from treasure chest.
Certainly it is more fun moving the letters around if that is possible but if not have students write TREASURE CHEST and the top of their notebook paper and make words. You might share some of the exciting ones shared with you on tomorrows lesson.

Next let's practice a little math.
The student will need a partner to play this.
One game board focuses on addition and the other subtraction.
Differentiate by rolling one, two or three dice. 

 If parents do not have a printer they can play a similar game using the notebook.
Draw two grids.
Game One:  Roll the dice.  Add them up.  The person with the largest sum colors a square on their grid.  To add difficulty ask how much larger is my sum?  
Game Two:  Roll the dice.  Add them up.  Subtract two.  You can use player with largest or smallest.  
Finally I would have students think about what they LOVED about this year.  Collect ideas and then write.  You might suggest they draw their favorite. Find it here.

Now these certainly are not all the options available in the packet but certainly some meaningful activities to build reading, writing and math skills with your students and what I think is probably enough screen time for one day!
Fun for all!

Creating assignments for distance learning!

Ahoy!!  I want to share a little tip with you on how you can share pages from PDF's without having to send the WHOLE file.  Finding how to do this will save you from purchasing new materials and use what you are familiar with to create meaningful lessons for your class.
Ready to find this "treasure".
You have full permission to use any of my products to do this.
You may want to look at TOU of others BUT most teachers are eager to help.

Step One
Find the PDF you want to use.
In this case I am opening P is for Pirate.

RIGHT CLIP ON THE PDF  icon.  A box will pop up.  Hold down OPEN WITH and another box will pop up.  Press PREVIEW.
Your Preview of the resource will open.

Next go to FILE and then PRINT.

Your print page will open.
You want to type in the pages you want.
In my case today I am copying pages 12 and 13.

At the bottom of the page you want to pick SAVE AS PDF.
A window will pop up and ask you where to save it AND be sure to rename it.
I renamed mine P is for Pirate pages 12 and 13 and saved it to my DOWNLOADS.
Finally press PRINT.

When you open your downloads there are the two pages.

These can now be sent to your students with:
Google Classroom
Or whatever you district or you as an individual are using.

Granted...your class will not be able to respond on these but they can use a notebook an pencil or resend to you in Google Docs.
If parents have a printer available they can print the pages.
Here are the two pages we just saved from the PDF.
The next post will share with you how I would prepare this lesson AND provide you with ALL materials necessary!!