Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kk is for Kindness...ABC Summer Countdown!

K is for kindness and every classroom, home, playground, neighborhood or community can use a little sprinkle of that!!
Catch students in you classroom being a KINDNESS HERO.
Have students write compliments to one another.
Students share how they can show they care and how they can help others.
Students can make a list of what kindness is.
Students will make words using the letters in friendship and kindness.
Students will put kind words in ABC Order.
Students will write about kindness:  I Chose to Be Kind Today, This is a Kind Person I Know, Let's Write

Students will sort ways to be kind on the Playground, in the Classroom and at Home.
Students will complete a kindness Bingo.
Students will work with a partner to answer questions.  Roll the die and move.


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