Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Using informational text to research owls!


This resource is a set of interactive google slides your class will use filled with  informational text for students to research about owls.
Each section of informational text is followed by activities for recall and working with key vocabulary.
"Owl" bet your class will enjoy the activities and you will appreciate the meaningful activities that take place.
Slide One:  Characteristics of owls...Write are/have/can
Slide Two:  Life cycle of an owl...Click and drag pictures to match timeline
Slide Three:  Interesting facts about owls...Writing graphic organizer
Slide Four:  Sharing details about a main idea...vocabulary
Slide Five:  Owl babies...Using fiction to understand vocabulary

The paper pencil resource is filled with activities to choose from.

"Owl" bet your class will love this!

The packet contains:

Literature suggestion...Owl Babies

Sequencing and Story Elements

Character Chat

Informational suggestion...Owls (National Geographic and Gail Gibbons)

Follow up activity on parts of Informational Text books

Mini book for each student with follow through activity

Word Work...

Vocabulary cards ...color and pictures


Make words with "ow"

Word Search

Nouns and Verbs


Graphic Organizer

Pre Write

Final Write

Paragraph Write...are, can, have

Game...Roll and Move with a Partner


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Parent/Teacher Conferences!


I absolutely love this packet for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
Makes organizing your short time with parents valuable and you assessment of students accurate.
It is also a wonderful time for you to take time to reflect on student progress and set new goals.
I hope you find this resource as helpful as I do.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Veterans Day...November 11th!

THANK A VETERAN and one way to do that is to inform your class about what a veteran is and why we value them.
  These google slides will support you in sharing information with your class while providing some interactive activities.
Slide One:  Informational Text (date, what is a veteran)...Click and drag to match
Slide Two:  What do the armed forces do?  Write...I am free to
Slide Three:  Families with a veteran... click and drag what enjoy doing with family.
Slide Four:  How prepare to be in the armed forces...Characteristics
Slide Five:  Prepare a thank you poster
Slide Six:  What did you learn...write
Slide Seven:  True/False/ and click and drag

Also available is the paper/pencil resource.
This resource begins with a craft to put on a bulletin board or to use as a page topper.

Perfect for saying thank you to our veterans.

It is followed by...

Gathering pre and post knowledge....graphic organizer

Mini Book on Veterans Day

Print, Fold Read Book

Anchor Chart on Veterans Day

Veterans Day recall sheet...graphic organizer

Compare and Contrast...Veterans Day/Memorial Day


Word Search

Let's Make Words

ABC Order

Parts of Speech

Write...I'm free to...

Illustrate...I'm free to...

Letter template for writing to a soldier

6 vocabulary cards for posting

2 Math Games

Happy Veterans Day everyone! 

Thank a veteran and inform your class of their value.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Let's Talk Turkey!

It's turkey time so...let's talk turkey!
Slides one and two:  Informational text on wild and farm raised turkey with photos.
Slide three:  Read fact and click and drag true or false.
Slide four:  Reading for detail.
Slide five:  Click and drag to match...A wild turkey is, has, can
Slide six:  Life cycle of a turkey.  Click and drag
Slide seven:  If I were a turkey...
Your class will have fun interacting as they learn about a turkey.

This resource contains informational text about a turkey as well as activities and story suggestions for the theme.

The packet contains:

2 Poems followed by activity comprehension sheets.


A turkey has, is, can

A turkey paragraph...opening sentence, details, closing

A final write page (differentiated)

Personification...If I were a turkey (final write)

The Night Before Thanksgiving...Beginning,middle, end

Informational Text:

Turkey mini book

Full page poster

Fold and read book

Vocabulary cards for posting

Word Work:

ABC Order

Word Match

Word Search

The packet is followed by two a writing display and the other a turkey for sitting on the mantle, table, shelf.

YOUR class will GOBBLE this up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to Cook a Turkey!


The turkey in most families is the focus of the Thanksgiving dinner.
How do your students think you cook a turkey?
This interactive resource provides 5 different opportunities for your students to create "how to" stories about cooking a turkey.

It is always fun to explore with students how they think a turkey is cooked. This topic also provides an opportunity to write a "how to" story. After the students complete the graphic organizers and the final write, a class book cover is provided to put all their ideas together. Students will love reading each others "recipes".

6 Graphic Organizers

Colorful vocabulary

How to suggestion cards

Class Book Cover

3 Differentiated Final Write Pages