Thursday, January 28, 2016

Construction Complete!

I have been putting off updating my Journeys Units for some time now.
A Buyer wrote me a personal note with her disappointment in one of the Units.
I am committed to doing a Lesson each day until they are all Updated, Revised, and Improved!!
If you have purchased any or all keep your eyes open on MY PURCHASES as you can download the new versions.  YIPEE!!

Okay so Unit Four is now complete.
Check out my blog entry with all of the items in this packet.
All the Lessons in Unit Four will be similar.  Each Unit has its own twist!!

So after doing that I decided the Word Assessments needed updating too AND BEST OF ALL I GOT CREATIVE AND ADDED PROOFREADING!!
I think you will like these even if you do not use Journeys.  Best of all...THEY ARE FREE!
There is a large Proofreading poster for posting.
There are mini cards for each student.

 Each lesson then includes a mini book for practicing proofreading.

I use these two sheets for assessment.
For the High Frequency Words I have the kiddos read the words to me.
Those they need to practice get highlighted.

 Then all High Frequency words for the Unit and Spelling words for the Unit are on cards.
Students can color them.  Use them for flash cards. Put them on a ring for daily practice.
YEP it is FREE!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Superbowl 2016 Freebie!!

Are you ready for a Super Bowl Freebie?
Dress in your team colors and spend the day celebrating the Super Bowl with fun filled curriculum.
Let's check it out!

Have this on the student's desk when they arrive.

Do some reading using informational text.
If it is too difficult for some do partner reading.
Find San Francisco on the map.
Find Denver and Carolina.

  Get a little word work in.

And some writing...
Grab a clipboard or a book and poll your friends about who will win.

 Two games are to 10 and the other to 20 for differentiation.
Be sure they use the record sheet to keep score.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The sample shown here is Unit 4 Lesson 16.
All other Lessons follow a similar theme.

There is a home/school connection page listing all vocabulary and skills presented in the lesson.
The ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS is created as an anchor chart.
There is a pre reading activity for assessing prior knowledge.

Each of the SPELLING, HIGH FREQUENCY, AND I KNOW THE MEANING vocabulary are listed as an anchor and on vocabulary cards for posting.

Each of the skills presented in the lesson are posted on anchor charts for you to place for viewing.

Lesson ideas and suggestions are provided.
Each topic presented in the lesson has practice for READING FOR DETAIL.

There is a mini book for more reading practice.  It is ideal for guided reading, partner reading or small group.  It is flowed by comprehension activities.

There are a number of practice activities for spelling.
Enough to fill an entire week.
There is a list to send home to parents.
There is also a pre test and final text not shown.

High frequency also have practice ideas and vocabulary cards for coloring.

Similar activities and practice for I know the meaning.

Each of the phonics, grammar, and vocabulary also have several practice pages.
The skills are those presented in the lesson.

Finally the writing skills focus on those presented in the lesson.
Not shown here are the final writing pages.

Each lesson also has extended activities for practice and exploration.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Celebrating 120 Days of School

With the new standards many are moving from100 Day Celebration to 120 Day Celebrations and some may be doing both.  Given a suggestion from a follower here is a packet filled with activities for 120 Days.  I did differ it from the 100 Day packet.  There are lesson suggestions included in the packet.

The packet has vocabulary for posting.  Great for reviewing those key number words and fit with the packet theme.
A certificate both in color and in black and white depending on your ink availability.

This is a note I hang on the door 10 days before to get the class excited and thinking about this special day!

 A note is prepared for parents letting them know what they will be responsible for.   The note is followed with reminders to send closer to the due date. 

This is a crown for kiddos to color and wear on the special day.
A note is available about the snack and this is the activity that accompanies it.

The kiddos love this.  Who knew 120 seconds could go so fast.  There is a page for front to back copying for the kiddos to write on.

This page is versatile.  I have them use markers of different colors.  You can also use q tips and paint. The larger on is perfect for bingo markers or dot stickers.

 Students can draw pictures of their shirt or I like to take a picture and place it in this spot for the children to take home of them in their shirt and crown.

 There is a booklet with 8 pages of memories form 120 days of school.

It is fun for the class to use their imagination and write.
 Fun with money equalling 120 cents.

 Then fun with the number grid.  
Writing Numbers

 And ending the day with thoughts about 120.  The word work is a great final activity.  Form teams.  Can your class come up with 120 words?