Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

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Let's Explore Birds

The main characteristic of a bird is feathers. No other animal has feathers.
Birds also have wings but not all birds fly.
Your class will love exploring this special group.
Find it here.

I love the colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Laminated they could be used for abc order or syllable sort.
Word Work includes:  abc order, syllables, word search and making words

There is a poster with bird facts and then a KWL and assessment for the end of your study.

Informational text is in two forms and there are two graphic organizers for collecting key facts.

There are pre writes so students can organize their writing.
Differentiated final write pages and a class cover for books.

I love the actual 14 photos of birds for student identification and sorts.

Finally materials are available for student research.
Best part is as each student presents their final report your class will learn about the world of birds!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Let's Explore Amphibians

There are close to 8000 different species of amphibians and 90% of them are frogs!  
Their life cycle includes metamorphosis which is fascinating.
Your class will love learning more about this interesting group of animals.

Word Work
 9 Vocabulary cards for posting
Word search, abc order, making words and syllables using key vocabulary

Fact poster
KWL page

Informational text and two graphic organizers for collecting key facts.

Amphibian Sort
Two pre writes for developing a paragraph

Class cover and three differentiated final write pages for writing about amphibians.
12 photos of amphibians

Research Organizers
Puzzle Pieces

Report Booklet
and more!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Let's Explore Reptiles!

Crocodiles have been known to swallow rocks so they can dive deeper into the water.  Who knew?  I love some of these facts.  You class will have fun learning about reptiles while meeting curriculum standards.  There is research included in this packet which as the students present the reptile they explored your class will learn even more!!

Word order, syllables, making words, word search and vocabulary for posting.

Poster with characteristics, KWL, and an assessment to follow the research.

Informational text and graphic organizers for collecting key facts.

Pre writes to use for gathering thoughts for writing.
Both informational, narrative, and opinion.

Differentiated final write pages with a class cover for showcasing student writing.

Twelve real life photos of reptiles and a discussion page to accompany them.

Research organizers.
Reptile choice, resources, key facts and then to follow a report booklet.
You will also love the Clues page and Putting Pieces Together.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Let's Discover ... Mammals!

This group of animals is HUGE!  There are over 5,000 different mammals in our world.
Students love learning about animals and as an educator I find they are perfect to use as a springboard for teaching key standards.

This packet on mammals begins with a poster sharing the characteristics of mammals.
There are also 8 vocabulary cards key to this study.
You will also find a KWL chart to gather prior knowledge.

I have provided two different forms of assessment as well as a mini book with informational text about mammals.

Because each child has their own book they can highlight key facts and vocabulary and then use these to gather information.

And let's follow that with a writing lesson using the graphic organizer shown on the previous slide.

Word work is plentiful and perfect for your literacy center.

There are 24 real life pictures of mammals.  I have provided a group discussion sheet for your class to compare and contrast the different mammals.

Finally you will get your class reporting on a mammal of their choice.
All tools from finding resources, gathering information and writing the report are available in this packet.  

I especially LOVE the writing clues and puzzle pieces for making sure all important information has been gathered.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The End of the Year is Near...Are you ready?

Yes the end of the year is near and your students are getting anxious!
Never fear because this SURVIVAL Bundle is FILLED with 7 ideas for 7 fun filled themed days!
Each packet is filled with vocabulary, literature suggestions, crafts, snacks, informational text and so much more!  Certainly enough curriculum related activities to make the day meaningful and enjoyable!  Just check out below some of the cute ideas!!