Saturday, February 27, 2021

April Foolishness

Find it here.
This is one of my favorite stories for April 1st .
Your class will love the characters and the story twist!
There is a paper/pencil version AND Interactive Google Slides.
Best of all they are FREE!

Slide One:  Click and Drag story elements.
Slide Two:  Click and Drag story recall.  (somebody, told, but...)
Slide Three:  Click and Drag create a barnyard hullabaloo!!
Slide Four:  Click and Drag rhyme.

Who doesn't love some foolishness around April 1st?
April Foolishness by Teresa Bateman is one of my favorite stories to share on this special day.

Here are three activities to share after you read the story with your class that focus on retell, story elements, and favorite part of the story!The three activities can be downloaded as a Power Point or Google Slides.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

April Fools' Day!

No "fooling" around!
This packet will bring grins and giggles to your class using Interactive Google Slides.
Slide One:  Jokes for students...Students share a joke or a prank.
Slide Two:  Informational Text on April Fools' Day...Students answer questions using key facts in the text.
Slide Three:  Informational Text on where the tradition of April Fools' began...Students click and drag facts to complete the sentence.
Slide Four: Word Work... oo (fool)  oo (book) sort (Click and drag)
Definition study of FOOL.
Slide Five:  Finish the silly sentence.  (Click and drag)
Slide Six:  Math Fun...What's hiding.  Facts to 20.

No "fooling"! There is lots of learning to be done on April Fools' Day!

Reading Suggestions and comprehension activities;

April Foolishness (Recall/Story Elements)

April Fool! Watch Out At School (Sequencing/Summary)

Arthur's April Fool (Sensory/Beginning, Middle, End)

Down By the Bay (Create)

Each story is accompanied by a 2 comprehension activity sheets.

April Fool Story


Write a "wacky" story

Write a paragraph

Write with details

Word Work:


Words oo book and oo fool

Word Search

Bring giggles to your class with this delightful resource!

This is no joke!!

Instead it is the ideal resource to share with your students with either Power Point or Google Slides. 

See details here.

The resource includes:

Informational text about April Fools' Day

Assignment for using text to recall information

Reading simple jokes...I bet you cannot hold back a giggle

Assignment for writing about a joke or prank played on you or you played on someone using the key words: Who Where What

Using your creativity and rhyme...Read and then try your own. 

Did you ever see a ________

Word Work with oo book and oo fool

Using a t chart to sort the words

Math...can I fool you? (Subtraction to 20)

I feel these slides  with an April Fool theme will be the perfect springboard to excite your class about a day of reading, writing, creating and practicing math with a partner game.


Monday, February 22, 2021

March Math and Literacy Activities!


I created these monthly themed math and literacy activities at a LOW price for the classroom teacher and the students.
They are ideal for centers.
They are ideal for "I'm done now what?"
They are ideal for practice and review.
Let's take a peek!
Slide One:  count and write number word and number
Slide Two:  Riddles...who am I
Slide Three:  Riddles...who am I
Slide Four:  Odd/Even Sort...number words
Slide Five:  Sum or Difference
Slide Six:  Coin Sequence
Slide One:  Correcting sentences
Slide Two:  Parts of Speech Sort
Slide Three:  ABC Order
Slide Four:  Syllables
Slide Five:  Read the sentence and match the picture
Slide Six:  Making Words
Slide Seven:  Antonym and Synonym Sort
Slide Eight:  How to Plant a Seed
Slide Nine:  Sensory Writing

Product Description

I have priced this packet to be a bargain for you and your class.
There are 48 pages of math and literacy games and activities at a discounted price.
I love using theses activities in my literacy and math centers.
They are also ideal for small group skill practice, whole group, or I'm what!

The 18 math games include:
addition to 12/20
subtraction to 12/20
greater than/less than
number words

missing addends

The 12 literacy activities include:
parts of speech
making words
types of sentences


word search

The writing activities include:
graphic organizers

writing sentences
writing a paragraph