Saturday, July 9, 2022

ABC's Of Successful Teaching ... Never Omit Planning

The covers and side pieces are designed to fit with 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 11/2 inch and 2 inch binders.
Color too expensive???
Not to worry!!  Each page is in black and white as well.

This resource will make creating you teacher binder so easy.

Best of all it is editable so you can easily add all your own personal information. Just use the text box and your favorite text.

The resource includes:

2 Binder covers to choose from

Side pieces for your binder

This binder belongs to

Class List for posting and for making a list

Dismissal chart for posting and list

Birthday chart

Form for parent contact 

Form for student information

Form for student checklist ... can be used for collecting papers, noting skills completed and those that need support

Special Area schedule 

Daily schedule

Special teacher/student schedule

Week at a glance

Month at a glance

Several Lesson Plan Templates

Literacy and Math Plan Templates

Editable monthly calendars

Lesson Plan Templates

Literacy and Math Planning Templates

The lesson plans come in two different forms.  One with days of the week down the side and the other with them going across the top.  There are also forms with no specific areas of curriculum added so you can add your own.  Since you are creating your own information you can highlight and color code.
This makes it easy for you to make a copy for the intervention teachers as well.

The calendars are perfect for parents, intervention specialists and you to keep track of what is happening each month.

I love these checklists.
Only put an X by those who have not mastered skills.  It makes it easy to see who needs support in what area.  If student is not marked they are good to move on.

Keep this in a special place where you can view it easily so you will remember who goes where!!

I guarantee even the best of us has not done our best at planning for a unit or a day or a week and afterwards realized the IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING!
When we don't plan ahead...
  • We do not provide the best experience possible for our students
  • The class is usually not engaged and therefore disruptive
  • Time seems to drag on forever
Each of us has our own way to plan and I agree we should use what works for us.
In my planning I like to :
  1. Be well aware of what I am responsible for teaching that year (standards, district incentives, state directives) and print them up.
  2. Lay out your plans for the whole YEAR (vacations, special events, seasons).  Using those set Big Goals and Time Lines.
  3. Lay out your  plans for the MONTH.  Look at your time line and begin to narrow down specific Goals and Lessons.
  4. Lay out your plans for the WEEK.  What will you teach?
  5. Lay out your plans for the DAY.  Specifics
I know this seems like a lot but I firmly believe unless all of these Time Lines, Goals, and Specific Lessons are in line you will be setting yourself up for FRUSTRATION.
This is one way I try to stay organized and on top of things.

Friday, June 24, 2022

ABC's Of Successful Teaching . . . Kk Ll Mm . . . Keep Kids Learning and Motivated!


The goal for EVERY teacher is to keep KIDS MOTIVATED and LEARNING.  
These two aspects go "hand in hand" because students who are MOTIVATED tend to retain concepts being presented,  listen carefully, and in most cases be very cooperative.
So as an educator what can you do to keep KIDS  MOTIVATED and LEARNING?

  • Create a classroom that promotes a love for reading and produces readers.
A love of reading promotes a love of learning.
Fill your classroom with books.
Read to your students and have them read to you.  

  • Allow students to experience ownership in their learning process.
In writing when the opportunity presents its self allow students to choose their writing topic.
Present choices for how information can be presented.

  • Encourage communication.
Conference with students so they can present their likes and dislikes.
Let them share how they are feeling about their learning experience.

  • Focus on student interests.
Allow them to explore topics.

  • Let students explore a variety of learning styles.
Visual   Auditory   Verbal   Physical   Mathematical   Social    Solitary

  • Use games whenever possible to promote practice and review.

  • Help student focus on what they are learning and progress they are making not their performance compared to others.

  • Celebrate achievement!!!!

Begin motivating right at the beginning of the year with this resource.

Students enjoy writing about themselves and as an educator it is fun to read and make note about the information they share with us about them. These little bits of information are perfect for helping us to communicate, motivate and make a special connection with our students.

This resource includes:

That's So Exciting ... Something that excites them.

Wow! How Awesome ... Something the student feels they are good at.

Good to Know ... What they like about school.

That Sounds Yummy ... A favorite lunch.

That Sounds Fun ... What their perfect weekend would be.

Take Lot's of Pictures ... Fun on a wonderful vacation.

A Friend Is the Best ... About a best friend.

An Amazing Wish ... What would you wish for?

Each topic has:

Graphic Organizer for drawing or writing quick thoughts.

Paragraph Organizer for developing a lead sentence, two details and a closing sentence.

Six pages for writing (early writers, and then two sizes of print for levels of development) Each level has lines or the print line. *See the preview.

  • Support students in learning to classify, think critically and ask questions.  
Avoid just teaching the right and wrong answer.  Help students to develop skills to find answers and be able to explain their reasoning.

  • Make everyday an enjoyable learning day!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

ABC's of Successful Teaching ... Joy


Defined as...a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Hoping that each day you look for "joy" in the job that you do...educating our future!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

ABC's of Successful Teaching . . . Invitation to School/Meet the Teacher


Making students feel welcome is so important.
They most likely have the jitters about you and the new school year.
Sending an "invitation" to your new students is so exiting for them to receive.
Share with them about you and then have them share with you about them!!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

ABC's of Successful Teaching . . . Helping Others

In my classroom a familiar question is:
Have you helped someone today?

Helping others makes us feel good about ourselves.
Helping others makes us feel a part of a group.
It has been proven that helping others is even contagious.
When we are helpful, we are kind and we build a classroom community where students feel safe and an environment where they can learn while cooperating and supporting others.
Some of my favorite quotes.

So when I catch a student helping another...

Something to think about...
How do you as an educator help your peers, team, district?

ABC's of Successful Teaching ... Games for practice!

Why I love using games in the classroom
Motivation. Studies show that playing games in the classroom can increase overall motivation.  
Student Attentiveness. Games move quickly and are fun capturing student attention.
Problem Solving. Strategies developed for success.
Language Development.  Students communicate with others while participating.
Self-Esteem Boosting.  Games can be set to student levels for student success.
Increased Class Cooperation.  Because games are enjoyable student interest is as well.
Memory Workout. Remembering game rules and strategies.
Reaching Independent Levels. Games are easy to vary using same skill at a different level.
Win/Lose.  Because by rolling dice or spinning winning is often left to chance.  
Students begin to accept that winning is not everything.
My students shake hands after the game.  Win or lose!!

This is a wonderful blog by Jeanne Sager 


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Father's Day . . . June 19th . . . Let's Celebrate Dad!

June 19th... Let's celebrate Dad!
How will you surprise him?

From the author and illustrator of HOW TO BABYSIT GRANDMA AND GRANDPA comes another delightful story by Reagan and Wildish...HOW TO Surprise a Dad!

It is perfect for enhancing creative thinking and writing "how to" pieces.

This packet is filled with activities to support comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and even a little mathematics.

Vocabulary for posting (colorful cards with pictures)


How to Surprise a Dad

How to Surprise My Dad


An opinion page

A "how to" page

Writing final copy pages with differentiated levels of writing pages.


Cause and Effect...It what would happen?

Story Elements

Predict...what surprise would your dad like?

Interview with Dad

Writing about your interview.

Word Work...

Parts of Speech

ABC order

Black and White vocabulary cards to match the words (students can color and take home)

Roll and Read...have fun reading words loudly, softly, silly, slowly, quickly

Word Search

Morning Senses...smell, touch, taste, hear, see

What would dad like to find inside his gift?

2 Mathematics Game (Subtraction to 12 and 20)

Celebrate this special day with DAD!

These resources are designed to provide activities to help students celebrate DAD by reading and writing.

Slide One:  An Interview with Dad

Slide Two:  Writing about Dad

Slide Three:  Making Predictions about Dad

Slide Four:  Text to read about dad...Use adjectives to describe Dad

Slide Five:  The perfect day with dad.

Slide Six:  Poem about Dad.  Making a list of things we love about dad.

Slide Seven:  Math with Dad...Directions for a game

Interactive Google Slides and the Paper Pencil Resource to make the perfect classroom team to celebrate Father's Day.

The resources include:

Three literacy suggestions with activities to follow.

Just Me and My Dad

What Dads Can't Do

How to Surprise Dad

Craft Suggestion for card ... I'm "hooked" on my Dad

Word work:  word search, adjectives, abc order, word scramble

Writing: Interview, what make's Dad special, about my Dad

Graphic Organizers

Vocabulary for posting

and so much more!!

Celebrate this special day with DAD!

The resource includes:

Three literacy suggestions with an activity to follow.

Just Me and My Dad

What Dads Can't Do

How to Surprise Dad

Craft Suggestion for card ... I'm "hooked" on my Dad

Word work:  word search, adjectives, abc order, word scramble

Writing: Interview, what make's Dad special, about my Dad

Graphic Organizers


and so much more!!