Saturday, July 9, 2022

ABC's Of Successful Teaching ... Never Omit Planning

The covers and side pieces are designed to fit with 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 11/2 inch and 2 inch binders.
Color too expensive???
Not to worry!!  Each page is in black and white as well.

This resource will make creating you teacher binder so easy.

Best of all it is editable so you can easily add all your own personal information. Just use the text box and your favorite text.

The resource includes:

2 Binder covers to choose from

Side pieces for your binder

This binder belongs to

Class List for posting and for making a list

Dismissal chart for posting and list

Birthday chart

Form for parent contact 

Form for student information

Form for student checklist ... can be used for collecting papers, noting skills completed and those that need support

Special Area schedule 

Daily schedule

Special teacher/student schedule

Week at a glance

Month at a glance

Several Lesson Plan Templates

Literacy and Math Plan Templates

Editable monthly calendars

Lesson Plan Templates

Literacy and Math Planning Templates

The lesson plans come in two different forms.  One with days of the week down the side and the other with them going across the top.  There are also forms with no specific areas of curriculum added so you can add your own.  Since you are creating your own information you can highlight and color code.
This makes it easy for you to make a copy for the intervention teachers as well.

The calendars are perfect for parents, intervention specialists and you to keep track of what is happening each month.

I love these checklists.
Only put an X by those who have not mastered skills.  It makes it easy to see who needs support in what area.  If student is not marked they are good to move on.

Keep this in a special place where you can view it easily so you will remember who goes where!!

I guarantee even the best of us has not done our best at planning for a unit or a day or a week and afterwards realized the IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING!
When we don't plan ahead...
  • We do not provide the best experience possible for our students
  • The class is usually not engaged and therefore disruptive
  • Time seems to drag on forever
Each of us has our own way to plan and I agree we should use what works for us.
In my planning I like to :
  1. Be well aware of what I am responsible for teaching that year (standards, district incentives, state directives) and print them up.
  2. Lay out your plans for the whole YEAR (vacations, special events, seasons).  Using those set Big Goals and Time Lines.
  3. Lay out your  plans for the MONTH.  Look at your time line and begin to narrow down specific Goals and Lessons.
  4. Lay out your plans for the WEEK.  What will you teach?
  5. Lay out your plans for the DAY.  Specifics
I know this seems like a lot but I firmly believe unless all of these Time Lines, Goals, and Specific Lessons are in line you will be setting yourself up for FRUSTRATION.
This is one way I try to stay organized and on top of things.


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