Sunday, July 30, 2017

Brown Bear...Crafts and Activities!

Color, Sequencing, Repetition!
What a wonderful story that has been enjoyed through the years.
This packet is designed to provide complimentary activities to use after reading this delightful tale.

There is colorful vocabulary for posting.
Use for reading, abc order, or sequencing.

Vocabulary consists of 2 color/animal matches and 2 ABC Orders.

I love the data collection.
Ideal for a math center.
Make your own die or roll a die.
In the end students will record their data.

And check out this cute page topper for your student's writing.

There is a mini book to make, a class book cover and sequencing.

Color Activities with The Day the Crayons Quit!

This book is IDEAL for teaching and reviewing color words with students.
If you are in Kindergarten I suggest a page a day with the color and watch the creativity and discussion BLOOM in your classroom!
I am a firm believer that using literature to engage students is so important and this story is a perfect example.  Scroll down and see the wide range of activities you can do with your class to encourage and widen the understanding of color.

It can be as simple as the 12 vocabulary cards for posting and the 12 vocabulary cards for coloring.
They are followed by a color me page that could be used for assessment.

And check out the differentiated pages for focusing on color and the colors in the story.

Students can write about color also OR write a letter to the crayons.
What would you tell them?
Check out your crayon box.  What does it look like?

Word work is also available in the form of ABC Order, a word search and making a list.

There is an opinion writing page, (not shown favorite color graph), book for class cover and differentiated final write pages.
I also thing the craft is simple and fun for posting in your classroom!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Back to School Bargain Bundle!

It is filled with activities for Word Work, Writing, and Mathematics and YES each activity is differentiated to meet low/average/advanced levels in your classroom.
This packet was designed to fill you centers those first few weeks with fun filled, meaningful activities that will promote academic growth and provide student independence.

Each subject has an anchor chart to place in the center and the word work writing have 24 vocabulary cards for posting!
There are three topics used throughout the packet:
Back to School
School Supplies

As shown here, the activities are leveled while using the same vocabulary and skill.
Word work activities include...word searches, ABC Order, Syllables, Parts of Speech.

Again, you see the anchor chart for writing.
Following are three pre write activities for gathering thoughts.  You can use one or all.

Final write pages follow three writing levels with the same theme AND a class book cover to share and showcase student writing.

Not shown here is the Mathematics Anchor Chart.
There are 3 games focusing on addition/subtraction/doubles.
Each game is accompanied by a record sheet for student accountability.
Yes, I encourage using these as not only does it provide accountability but students must think through the process used to find the answer!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Welcome Back...First Day Idea!

I absolutely can't stress enough what a fabulous book this is for the first day of school.
We always focus on how the kids feel BUT what about their parents?
This book would be ideal for grades K, 1, 2 and maybe even 3.
I love this story because it opens the discussions of:
What a wonderful summer they had and all the things they did.
How they get ready for the first day or school to begin school again.
Finally how is dad feeling? did your parents feel?
Making connections and encouraging thinking and conversation is so important and this book certainly supports these strategies!
If this is not a part of your literature collection...check with your librarian.
I know others in your school will love sharing the story.

Here are a couple of pages I created that you might like to use.

And if you like what we have been talking about check out the packet I created for my class!
Use the activities as valuable tools for quick assessment of student levels and to create a fun filled first day or two of school. After completing these activities I think you will have a pretty good idea of  skills students have.  There is word work, writing, critical thinking, mathematics, and activities that would be perfect for posting in the classroom.

Giveaway Winners!! Congratulations!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

August Calendar...Interactive Journal!

Yep August is almost here!
Just a couple days.
And there is no better way to teach time and mathematics than through daily calendar activities.

There are 16 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
The anchor chart is ideal for your writing center.
There are 31 numbers with sunshines.
I use mine for my calendar BUT you could also use them for counting to 120.
Just copy, laminate and cut.

The second part of the packet is the Calendar Journal.
My class uses this everyday after lunch.
It is a way we regroup and get ready for the afternoon.
I have a meteorologist each day who shares the weather and temperature with us using Weather Channel.  Using the SMARTBoard we love comparing our area to another state.
Step One: Fill in the date and add any special events.
Step Two:  Mark the Weather Chart
Step Three:  Record the Temperature

Next is a journal page for each day.
Today is...Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri.
Write the date August ___, 2017
It is warmer or colder than yesterday.
It is sunny etc.
How many days of school
Tallies, word, and more!!
Plus a daily math review.
As you move through the year it is amazing to allow students to solve mathematical problems.
If it is 45 degrees yesterday and 50 today is it warmer of colder?
How much warmer?
Show us on the number grid.
How many more days until ____?
Use the calendar if you need.
Write a problem to show how you found the answer.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck! by Lisa Wheeler

I am so excited!
I just discovered that Lisa Wheeler lives just 3 miles from me in my small town of Addison, Michigan.
Until a visit to a local gift shop I had not read even one of her books and now I cannot seem to stop exploring them all.  

I had Porqupining...A prickly love story!(2002) my collection and read it every Valentine's Day to my class.
Never made the connection that Lisa was the author.
But now that I have discovered her and the delightful stories she creates I will certainly read more!

To date my favorite is Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck written in 2003.

This delightful story will capture your student's attention, bring a smile to their face, and have them wanting to read it again and again.
Its sequential pattern, delightful characters, and rhyme bring the trip to town in Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck a trip to remember.
"Moooove over" says Bossy Cow.
"Baaaad idea" says Woolly Sheep.
To celebrate my find and to thank Lisa for sharing this amazing story I want to provide all my followers with these FREEBIES! (PS...If you don't have the book talk to your librarian OR better yet find one for your classroom set.)

Note how each activity is differentiated to meet a variety of levels.

If you like these and want more for this wonderful story read on!!

I have differentiated the entire packet so grades k, 1, and 2 can work comfortably.

To follow the story I know your class will benefit from these activities.
An Author Study and two math for addition and another for subtraction.

There is a sequencing page, a who/what/where/when/why, and a character chat about Farmer Dale.

Students will describe the pickup truck, summarize the story and thing of questions they would like to ask Farmer Dale.  They will also predict why he is going to town.

Word work includes making words, ABC order, and Character match.

Finally work with cooperation...that is how the problem is solved.