Thursday, March 31, 2016

Survival Filled Themed Days!

This packet contains 6 Themed Days.

You can use them for a special treat for your class, end of the year "survival" days, or behavior reward days.

The total price of all 6 packets is $24.
With the BUNDLE you pay $15.
Huge Savings and a promise of fun filled activities and crafts with educational meaning.

Each one contains...
Vocabulary for posting, Informational text Mini Books, Suggested Literature, Comprehension Activities, Writing, Word Work, Math, Crafts.
Many of the activities are perfect for your centers.

Find complete descriptions of each here.
Beach Day
Watermelon Day
Friendship Day
IceCream Day
Bubble Day
Popcorn Day


Beach Day!

Grab your beach towel and sunglasses.
Perfect for a behavior reward or end of the year activity.
This packet is filled with so many fun activities but lots of curriculum too that will keep the kiddos learning while having fun.

The craft is a bucket for kiddos to make their "summer bucket list".
Vocabulary is bright and includes pictures for those struggling to read.
Perfect for posting.
There is informational text in the form of a single page or mini book as well as reading for detail.
The text is followed by some amazing idea gathering pages.
These are wonderful for having students write notes about the facts they discover.
Yes, always word work because vocabulary is so important to building comprehension and strong readers.
Word Work includes...
ABC Order to the 2nd letter
Word Search
Parts of Speech
Making Words
Descriptive words
Word Scrambles
Writing Includes...
How to
It focuses on building paragraphs and sentences.
There is also a class book.
For the Opinion there is a data collection page as a lead in.

There are so many wonderful "beach" stories but here are a few of my favorites.
They are followed by pages including...
Author's Purpose
Cause and Effect
Compare and Contrast
and more.
The Math Games are beach themed and include addition and subtraction activities.
Each game is followed by a Record Sheet so you know how well each student did.

Last year I purchased buckets at the $ store for gifts.
The year before I gave beach balls and students autographed each others.
The ideas are ENDLESS.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday!

This packet is perfect for "a summer birthday celebration"!  
It has a craft, vocabulary, word work, activities, a mini book about birthdays and many other activities your class will love.
These could also be used for patterns on a birthday bulletin board.

Ideal for the writing center.
There are activities for narrative and opinion writing as well as activities for developing a paragraph.

 Perfect story suggestions.
Divide your class up.
Have each group read one of the stories and report on it using the comprehension activities provided.
 Put these in the literacy center for word recognition as well as ABC order.

Friendship Day!

Friendship Day, Week, Month...this packet is filled with enough activities to fill all.
I like using some of the activities for the end or beginning of the year.
The activities are also perfect for building a classroom where students respect and enjoy one another.

Let's take a look at some of the activities in this packet.

Bully Mini Book with activity.

Activities for friendship day.
Interview a friend.
How are we alike yet different?

Writing about friends including a page topper.

Word Work
Friend Posters
What is a friend and what do they like to do together?
Characteristics of a friend.
Literature suggestions followed by activities.

Poem and Activities
Friendship Snack

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ice Cream Day!

Another product perfect for ...
Behavior Reward Day
End of the Year Treat
Science Exploration

Start with informational text about how ice cream is made.
It includes definition worksheet.
Also included is literature by Mo Williams.
The story will delight your class!

Word Work
Vocabulary for posting as well.

And my FAVORITE...
Rootbeer Float - Matter
Making Ice Cream
Problem Solving
There is also Data Collection