Friday, September 27, 2019

October Themed Math and Reading Games and Activities

Games and activities with an October theme.
Ideal for centers, partners, got a minute and need something to do.

Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

There was an old lady who swallowed a bat!
Yep, imagine that she swallowed a BAT!!
Your class will love the sing song pattern to the story and before long recalling the details with you.
This packet contains materials for center activities as well as independent word work, writing, and sequencing.
The colorful vocabulary cards are ideal for posting.
Word work includes ABC Order, Making Words, A Word Search.
There are two center activities with the story characters for a center or partner retelling.
For individual work there is a sequencing retell where students color and then pull the characters through.  PERFECT FOR WORKING ON EXPRESSION!

Activities include a sequencing activity, character match and cause and effect.
There are two math games as well as a tic tac toe for partners.
The writing includes an opinion piece and a "how to".
Lot's of curriculum practice using this piece of literature.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Literary Companion for CRANKENSTEIN

Yep!  He says MEHHRRRRR!
What do you say when you are cranky?
This packet is so much fun and focuses on emotions.

It begins with a character study about Crankenstein and includes a TRUE/FALSE as a recall of all the things that made him cranky.
I love the writing page and the differentiated final write pages for making a class book.

Text to Self includes what makes you cranky?
Also why might it being too hot for popsicles make Crankenstein cranky?
THINK and write.
And look at these adorable crafts!

Favorite Bear Stories For Fall and Into Winter

It's about that time when the bear is eating all it can to get ready for a long winter nap!
Did you know male bears sleep all the way through until Spring and mama only wakes up to give birth to her cubs?  Now that is a LONG nap!!
These stories are wonderful and filled with information for your class to learn more about bears using literature.
Time To Sleep...Denise Fleming
Bear Snores On...Karma Wilson
Bear Has a Story to Tell...Phillip Stead
Using these stories teaching your class about bears and the changing seasons become very meaningful.

The packet begins with informational text about bears.
Have your class read and reread the text highlighting key vocabulary and facts.
Then have students use the text to complete activities and write.

And look at these two cute crafts for the stories Time to Sleep and Bear Snores On.
Top them on the writing activity It Is Time To Sleep When...

Each story has activities to accompany it.
My favorite for Bear Snores On is the interactive mini book!
Story Elements, Character Identification, Sensory

Time to Sleep has a wonderful sequencing activity and Bear Has a Story To Tell focuses on signs of winter coming.
Word work is also included and look at the idea for a cute snack!

Seed to Jack-o-Lantern!

How can that great big pumpkin begin with a teeny tiny seed?
Your class will love working through this unit.
It is filled with activities to teach curriculum with a pumpkin theme.
Begin by having your class make these adorable pumpkins for decorating your classroom, hallway or locker. Create different sizes and allow students to create their own mouth.
You won't be disappointed.
Follow that by reading the informational text.
This booklet works well with guided reading.
Allow students to highlight key vocabulary and facts.
There is a true/false for assessment.
They will use this booklet again and again throughout the unit to read and reread.

There are many word work activities as well as colorful vocabulary to post.
Word Search
Parts of Speech
ABC Order
Making Words
Each activity works well in your literacy center as well as a whole group lesson.

Writing includes narrative, opinion and informational.
There are graphic organizers for collecting ideas and differentiated final write pages (shown below).
Focus is on pumpkin faces (opinion), life cycle of a pumpkin (informational) and picking the perfect pumpkin (narrative).

I enjoy using poetry in this unit to work with adjectives.
How many words can you use to describe a pumpkin?
And working with the life cycle of the pumpkin activities are plentiful.

Here you will see more grammar activities such as using adjectives, writing complete sentences and identifying types of sentences.

There are also literature suggestions in this packet.
Informational (How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin), opinion(They Bumpy, Lumpy Pumpkin) and  narrative (It's Pumpkin Time).
These read aloud stories are filled with delightful illustrations and even pumpkin facts.
Did you know the more lines on a pumpkin the longer it was on the vine and the more seeds it has?
I have even included a little math so that each part of the curriculum can be covered.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

October Word Search and Mini Books...Print and Go

Teaching Comprehension with October Literature SCARECROWS

Teaching comprehension is meaningful when and more fun when the theme is related to the present season.  This comprehension packet uses favorite scarecrow literature to teach a number of comprehension strategies.
There is a cute craft included and colorful vocabulary for posting.

The literature used are:
The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown
Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Brown Wise

Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
Authors Purpose
Questions and Answers

Scarecrows Hat by Ken Brown
Main Idea and Details
Cause and Effect

The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
Making Inferences
Making Predictions

Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise
Compare and Contrast
Fact or Opinion
Building a Definition

Let's Write...October

This is a terrific writing packet for all leveled writers in your classroom using a central theme.
Lesson Plans
Suggested Literature for exciting students about writing and helping with making connections.
 Three differentiated Graphic Organizers for gathering thoughts.
Three differentiated First Write pages with opportunities for editing.
Three differentiated Final Write pages for showcasing writing.
Class Book Cover 
(Put student writing in a class book.  It will be come the most popular book in your classroom!!)
Finally, each lesson includes a grammar lesson which I encourage students to use correctly in their writing.

Lesson One is about Fire Safety.
The suggested literature is No Dragons for Tea.
Above are lesson plans and graphic organizers for gathering thoughts.
Below are the final write pages and the grammar study which is PUNCTUATION.

Lesson Two is about Christopher Columbus.
The suggested Literature is Christopher Columbus an informational text.
Three graphic organizers and final write pages.
The grammar for lesson two is using AND.

Lesson Three is about Football.
The suggested literature is T is for Touchdown.
The grammar study is using PRONOUNS.

Lesson Four is about Pumpkins.
The suggested literature is The Bumpy Little Pumpkin.
Grammar is about using ADJECTIVES.

Four valuable lessons your class will LOVE writing about!!