Saturday, April 29, 2017

First Day Hooray!

The is one of my favorite stories to read on the 1st day because not only is Ivy worried BUT all those involved from the bus driver to the teacher are worried about getting their jobs done so everyone can have a wonderful 1st day.

The packet includes a card for you to write a note to each student after the fist day and maybe even add a treat to it.  There are also 24 colored name tags with a variety of pictures.

The story leads in perfectly to a first day scavenger hunt.  Reviewing where all the rooms and people around the school are.  This scavenger hunt is included in the packet.
There is also a 1st day poster for displaying.

For each of the academic areas I have differentiated so the activities fit levels of students or grade.
Word work includes vocabulary for posting, a word search, ABC order and a more difficult noun search using the names of the helpers around the school.

The story elements include emotion cards for posting, story elements, a match the worry to the person and a definition page.

Math again has all levels.
A survey for all students, roll and score (numbers using 1,2, or 3 dice), odd or even (again use 1,2, or 3 dice to differentiate) and a simple roll and move game.

There are a number of activities for gathering ideas about the first day of school.  Sensory, Graphic Organizer, and more.

Finally the packet includes a cover for a class book and three levels pages for writing using the ideas they gathered in the activities above.

Friday, April 28, 2017

May Day Baskets...Bring 'em back!

I am dating myself but I can remember this thoughtful tradition.
My mom was especially fond of it so she would help us create paper baskets and then we filled them with a few flowers and some "penny" treats. (and yes you could get candy for a penny!)
One year I remember putting dandelions in with some special homemade cookies.
We would then leave them on the neighbors door handle.
Now I know times are changing and the "safety" issue is a concern BUT I say 
They were such a thoughtful gesture and a child's way of doing something nice for someone else.
Maybe you could have your class make one for each teacher in your school as well as the principal, secretary, playground supervisors, cafeteria workers, and custodian.  
On the craft stick of the flower they could write a few kind words of thanks to that person.

I used scrapbook paper for the basket with a button on each side.
The flowers were cut from construction paper and put on craft sticks.

Back to School Book Companion...First Day Jitters

Mrs. Hartwell has the First Day Jitters and the Last Day Blues.
Julie Danneberg portrays the teacher on these two days perfectly!!
After reading these stories what fun your class will have.

Students can create people to paste on their writing about their own first day jitters.

There are writing activities for The First Day of School and a poster to make.

Comprehension includes story elements, summary, author's purpose, and favorite part.

We saw how Mrs. Hartwell gets ready for school.
How do you?

And even some fun with "jitters" and other emotions.

The packet ends with a little poem with activities to accompany it.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to School Book Companion...Dad's First Day!

At the beginning of every school year we often share how the kiddos feel on the first day of school but this story has a twist.
How did your parents feel on YOUR first day of school?
I always love listening to the student's responses and having them share why they think this is true.
Some are thrilled...Others are sad...
In this story Oliver's Dad is sad because they had a terrific summer together.

There are colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Writing about how our parents might have felt.
Sharing how they felt and what they did on the first day.

One of my favorites is having the share and compare with Oliver what they did over summer vacation.

Then there are several comprehension activities...sequencing, sorting, story elements, and more.

Word work includes a word search, word match, ABC order and developing meaning...nervous.

The packet ends with some math games.
Use one, two, or three dice to add difficulty.

Back to School...Book Companion...Daddy's Back to School Shopping Adventure!

Every student young and old love shopping for NEW school supplies just like the family in this story.
Sometimes our WANTS go beyond our NEEDS and there are adorable examples of that in the story.
This is a new look at a new piece of literature for the beginning of the school year.

Following the story there are activities to promote building comprehension strategies.
Compare/Contrast, Sequence, Story Elements, and Sensory Recall
Use one, use them all, or provide students with a choice.

And we can't forget vocabulary as it is key to building understanding and reading fluency.
There are vocabulary cards for posting with pictures, a word search, ABC order, Word match and for the whole group growing our vocabulary with the word "nostalgia".
Students can make their own supply list and there is a sort for a school supply and an item that should be left at home.

Then at math time what could be more fun than buying supplies and finding the price.
Students can do this with partners in case some may need support with adding money at the beginning of the year.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marvelous May Activities!

Yes the month of May is just about here!
You know, that month when school is almost out but NOPE not really.
The kiddos are "checking out" and you still have curriculum to teach.
Well let's take a look at some packets that just might help you..MAKE MAY MEANINGFUL!

Let's start with Cinco de Mayo on May 5th.
What a perfect time to compare and contrast another country with ours and learn about an event celebrated here and there.

Soon after comes Mother's Day.
An ideal time to celebrate our family.
This packet is filled with reading, writing, word work, and even some math.
There is a craft and even a gift for mom.

The end of the month brings Memorial Day!
For many the start of summer but this day means so much more.
Help your class understand the reason for the holiday.

Need an extra about these word searches with May themed word finds.

And I love these little mini books...print, fold, read...even color.
Read as a as a group.

I love the poems for May dedicated to Mom's Day, Fireflies, Baseball and Summer.
Read, write, and sequence.

These are ideal for assessing comprehension skills.
They come with lesson plans, I can cards, activities, and literature suggestions.
May covers...Waiting for Wings, Planting a Rainbow, Fancy Nancy's Marvelous Mother's Day Brunch, From Tadpole to Frog.

Take the comprehension a step up and add writing to it with the May "Let's Write" packet filled with differentiated writing activities to build writing strategies using the same 4 stories.

And oh my!
Using Rainbow Fish and The Hungry Caterpillar your class will practice writing strategies and the final products will be perfect for decorating a bulletin board or locker.

And what fun you will have with this book companion from the Old Lady Series.
An I can't think a better way to start your morning or afternoon than using this interactive May calendar journal.
It ends with a journal page for each day and a math review.

May instruction can be meaningful!