Thursday, June 16, 2016

Let's Write...ELA CCSS

So excited about this product and think it will provide YOU a chance to really improve your student's writing.  It is leveled to provide experiences that are challenging for EVERY student in your classroom.
The packet begins with lots of teacher information.
There is a September calendar.
CCSS are identified that will be focused on for the month.
Lesson Plans are included for each topic.
The teacher lesson plans include detailed information on introducing the lesson, literature for engaging students, and samples to share with students so that by the time they enter the workbook they have ideas and skills to focus on!
Each month the workbook will provide 4 practice lessons.
September includes:
Summer Vacation
Back to School
My Family
Johnny Appleseed
The workbook will include 3 or 4 leveled graphic organizers, and then "sloppy copy" for the first write.  These include editing information with a student check list and teacher check list.
It is suggested that Level One students move right to the writing journal.
Their activities are very guided where Level Two and Three increases in difficulty and opportunity for extended writing.
This is a closer look at some of the organizers provided in the Johnny Appleseed section.
Notice the differentiation.
After gathering their ideas and editing their first write students will go to their Journal.
They will do a final copy for publishing.  Again notice the levels pages.  Note: not shown here but the packet includes another lined page for those needing more space.
Shown here is the class cover to create a class book if you wish.

You can keep the journals and return them at the end of the year OR you can send them home monthly.
Each lesson includes a skill as well.
Lesson One...Summer Vacation...Punctuation
Lesson Two...Back to School...Connecting word AND
Lesson Three...My Family...Pronouns
Lesson Four...Johnny Appleseed...Adjectives
Are your ready?
Let's Write!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Plants...Growing our knowledge!

Just love this packet!!
Here are a few of my favorite things!!


Kids love learning about insects!
Even though they really BUG me I love watching the students faces light up as new facts are presented.
Do insects BUG you?
Well maybe they won't after your students work through this informational, fun fact packet!

 The packet begins with "What I know" and ends with "What I learned"
There are three crafts to accompany a few of the insects covered with catchy titles for bulletin boards.

There are many word work pages for your literacy center with colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Syllables, Rhyme, ABC order, Making Words, Adjectives, Definitions and more

Informational text is provided in the form of mini books and single pages.
Interesting facts, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, houseflies

Activities accompany each insect such as:
Life cycles, Q and A, Make an insect, and more.

Graphic organizers are available for research ideas and gathering information.

Final write pages are also available for publishing.
 There is a variety of literature suggestions.
I have used each book and LOVE them.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Force and Motion...Let's Play Ball!!

What better way to learn about Force and Motion than watching a game of baseball!
This packet is filled with activities designed to help your class better understand the basic vocabulary and reasoning behind Force and Motion.

 These players will be a big HIT with your class.
I like to call them Player Force and Player Motion.

Magnets...Let's stick together!

Kids of all ages love experimenting with magnets.
Even if it is not a part of your science curriculum it is a great opportunity to explore and use some critical thinking skills.

There are book suggestions and vocabulary as well as text, experiment, word work and writing.

Love the vocabulary cards for posting and the practice sheets with vocabulary related to magnets.

There is so much to write about both before and after learning about magnets.

Informational text is in the form of a poem, full page, and a mini book.

You will find a variety of explorations on strength, what will stick, attract and repel, and more.
There are predictions to be made as well as  reflections.

Also included is a Home/School Connection, math game, and assessment.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Properties of Matter...What can the "matter" be?

Great packet for providing experiences for students to explore the properties of matter.

Informational text in the form of a mini book and a flyer.

 Opportunities for vocabulary growth both in terms of matter and the properties of matter.

 Experiments using each type of matter followed by reflection and assessment.

 Final pages for writing about matter and a class book included,

Activities to explore properties of matter and examine understanding.