Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Classroom Decor with a Colorful Theme!!

Completely editable for inserting student names and more!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Back to School Favorites!

Many of these selections can be found in this bundle for a great savings!
The bundle includes back to school snack ideas, school tours, first day activities.

These are some of my favorites for center activities those first few weeks.
Each packet includes games, review and activities for differentiating. 
Here is the bundle for a great savings.

These are ideal for morning work as the students are entering.

Plan ahead and be prepared!
It will get you started for the perfect year!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Lucky Penny Day!

Today is Lucky Penny Day!
Throw a few pennies on the floor.
As the students enter see if anyone picks one up.
A great way to begin you introduction to Lucky Penny Day.
Then have fun learning about the penny!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Teacher Binder Cover and Forms!

Each form is editable.
Just add your text box and type.
Super easy and will last year after year.
Notes can be run on colorful paper.
The packet includes:
Teacher Binder Cover
Side bar for binder
Class List...2 styles
Parent Contact, phone, email
Student Information...number, password, birthday
Student Checklist...perfect for marking assignments return, grades, parent helper
Class Birthday Monthly Chart
How We go...2 styles
Where Can We Be...Special Area Schedule, Lunch, Recess
Week at a Glance...Days, To Do, Notes
Calendars for each month
Newsletter Templates...2 styles
Supply List
Homework Template
While You Were Gone Template
Behavior Notes...Proud of You, I Can Improve
Parent Note...transportation, absence, contact me

Classroom Decor...Colorful Theme

Bright, polka dot, cheery, and filled with delightful "kiddos" this classroom decor will bring your classroom to life!
The packet is filled with...
1. Name plates with alphabet and number line, name plates for lockers, name tags for open house and the start of school.
2. Table Signs...1 to 8
3. Student Numbers ...includes blank ones for names
4. Welcome...sign, banners, pennants, bulletin board, letters
5. Behavior Management...Clip up, Clip down, behavior notes, super hero kids
6. Alphabet and Numbers...letters of the alphabet, numbers with 10 frames, numbers for counting to 100 Days, 100 Day Poster, Number Grid
7. Calendar... Months, Numbers, Days of the Week, Stickers for special events
8. Clock...Numbers and Times for posting, activity for students
9. How We Go...Ways the kiddos come and go to school, Note for posting
10. Where is the Class?....Special Areas and Events
11. Happy Birthday...Letters, Months, Characters, Banner, Cupcakes
12. Classroom Helpers...Charts and Name Tags
13. Posters for Areas of the Room
14. Class Binder Cover...Newsletter Templates, Supply List
This packet will fit perfect with my Editable Teachers Binder which includes Vocabulary for posting.

I have it at a reduced price to help you get ready for your back to school ideas. ($6.00)
Let me know if you think it would be worth selling the individual parts separate.