Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tt is for T-Shirt ... Abc Countdown to Summer


One of my favorite end of the year day with the class is to have them wear their favorite t-shirt (sports, music, location) or to decorate one.
The class has so much fun viewing each others.
8 slides...$1.50
They are included in the Interactive Google Slide Resource.
Slide One: Invitation
Slide Two: Informational Text and vocabulary
Slide Three:  Write about your t-shirt
Slide Four:  Create a message on a t-shirt
Slide Five: Create an All About Me T-shirt
Slide Six:  Opinion ...T-shirt or Sweatshirt

Take a peek!!

Ss is for Silly Socks...ABC Countdown to Summer

What class doesn't love wearing "silly socks"... so why not celebrate with them?!
8 Slides $1.50
Slide One:  Invitation to the special day!
Slide Two:  Informational Text on socks...Descriptive words
Slide Three:  Opinion Writing
These three slides are a part of ABC Countdown to Summer for Distance Learning.
They are also included in the Interactive Google Slide Resource.
Slide Four:  Lost ... My Sock
Slide Five:  Types of Socks
Slide Six:  Words that rhyme with sock.

20 pages...$2
Take a peek at the activities!

Here you will find the complete 60 page resource to complete an entire Crazy Sock Day!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Rr is for Reading...ABC Countdown to Summer

Extra! Extra!  Read all about it!
9 Slides...$1.50
Slides One and Two are a part of:
They include an invitation and an activity page.
These ave been included in the Interactive Google Slide resource.
Slide Three:  Would you rather...students identify what they would rather read.
Slide Four:  Title a book you would like to read about and tell about the story.
Slide Five:  Syllables and ABC Order
Slide Six:  My favorites...
Slide Seven:  Let's Chat about reading

Take a peek at all the activities.


Qq is for Question...I "mustache" you!!

I "mustache" you to take a peek at these resources!  
So much fun for the end of the year.
8 Slides...$1.50

Slide One and Two:  These are a part of the ABC Countdown to Summer for Distance Learning Bundle but are perfect to invite you class to the Question Day and an activity slide is included.(I "mustache" you to write a question.)
Slide Three:  I "mustache" you some questions.  Student response.
Slide Four:  I "mustache" you how you will spend your summer.  Student response.
Slide Five:  I "mustache" you your opinion.  Writing
Slide Six:  I "mustache" you to make some words.
I "mustache" YOU!  Doesn't this look like fun?