Wednesday, May 31, 2017

School Themed...Literacy Activities and Games

Ideal for centers.
Ideal for practice and review.
Ideal for small group.
Games, activities and more.
Print and Go (no fuss, no mess)

Each focus area includes a chart for posing.
verbs, nouns, synonyms, antonyms, adjectives, syllables, rhyme, definition, writing, punctuation, ABC Order, homophones, contractions

A variety of activities are included under each focus area.
Some for partners and others 1 to 1.
There are cut and paste as well as coloring and data collection.

Writing ties in with the punctuation activities.
All About Me
At School...
The best part of school...
How I get ready for school...
Narrative, Opinion, Sequence, Sensory
Differentiated writing pages are included as well as graphic organizers.

For the games all you need are markers, paper clip and pencil for spinning, dice, crayons.
Print and Play!!
Perfect for partners or small groups.
Each game includes a record keeping sheet for assessment.

Vocabulary cards are plentiful and include directions for how to use them.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just in time for Father's Day...How to Surprise a Dad!

Just in time for Father's Day is this packet to accompany this delightful story...How to Surprise a Dad!

Students can collect their own ideas FIRST before reading the story to see how they would surprise their dad.

After reading the story their are three comprehension activities for focus on:
Cause and Effect
Story Connections
Story Recall

Writing includes:
and Narrative

These are followed by a class book cover and three differentiated final writing pages.

Vocabulary is plentiful with vocabulary cards for posting.
I love these for the literacy center and the Role and Read focuses on means for suspicious, innocent, distract...three BIG words in the story.

I have also include two math games...doubles, subtraction to 12 AND an If I were... for posting.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Day the Crayons Quit

Oh my how I love this story for reviewing color words with a little twist.
Students of all ages love the comical letters the crayons wrote.

The packet has a a little crayon craft to mount at the top of the student's writing page. (differentiated)
Students can pick what color crayon they make.
There are also 12 color vocabulary cards for posting.

Following reading the story the class will love completing the mini book with recall and predictions.

There are also activities to accompany the story.
Pick one or two or do them all!
Students can draw or write.  Your choice.

I love the writing activities especially the one where the student writes a letter to THEIR crayons.

I have included pages so you can create a class book.
These are usually the first to get picked during "free read"!

Word work includes a word search, ABC order, color me page.
I also put in a data collection sheet on favorite colors.
So much to do in this one simple packet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let Me Introduce Myself!!

The beginning of the year calls for opportunities for students to introduce themselves and you to let them know about you!

I love these pennants for Open House, hanging on lockers, or a bulletin board.
Another oldie but goodie is the "class backpack".
When the backpack is returned the student has an opportunity to be showcased.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pajama Day...It's a Party!

Whether it is a class reward day, Fun Friday, or before vacation day your class will LOVE having a Pajama Party.  

The packet has two cuties in their slippers for posting as well as a note to parents telling them about the day.

Work work includes 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Rhyme, syllables, Let's Make Words, Word Search, Parts of Speech
Perfect for literacy center choice.

There are three types of writing presented.
Narrative...tell about the pajama party.

How to...How I get ready for bed.

Opinion...sleepovers are fun, staying up late is fun.
Each style includes graphic organizers for collecting thoughts and a class cover with differentiated writing pages for showcasing student writing.
I think my favorite part is the suggested literature.  These stories are so darn cute and fun to read.
The comprehension activities's purpose, predicting, summarizing, problem identification, making a list and more!

I included three games to play with partners or small groups while snacking on popcorn or cereal.
One is Would you rather?
Two is Which do you like best?
And three is a classmate bingo...find a classmate who...

Finally there are math games and a data collection page.
Addition and Subtraction to 12 and 24.

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Each part of the day is covered!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pirate Themed Day!

Ahoy Matey!!  What a great day we are going to have!!
I just love these themed days...maybe it's a Friday Fun Day, a class reward day, or one of those days just before vacation when giggles, jiggles and "help I can't pay attention" kick in!
This themed day helps keeps students engaged AND learning while having so much fun.

Visit the library and pick up some of these delightful pirate stories to read throughout the day.
Your students will LOVE them.

And check out these adorable pirate crafts.  
Perfect for a bulletin board or hallway.

No day is complete unless we learn the facts and this pack has a 10 page mini book about pirates as well as an informational page.

Your class can use these organizers to gather actual facts or use their imagination after reading about pirates.

And look at this word much fun.  Choose one or use them all!

Mathematics includes an addition and subtraction game.  Add differentiation by using 1,2,3 dice or increasing the number for subtraction.  Finally there is a data collection page.

Following all of these activities students should be ready to write.
Create a class book so all student entries can be read.
What a way to showcase student efforts!!

An to top it off there are colorful vocabulary cards with pictures, a snack idea and a pattern for a pirate hat!

And check  Pinterest for other fun filled ideas!