Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Almost Friday Freebie

Well I had every intention of posting about the awesome bat unit we did and the fun we had with Room on the Broom BUT kiddos, teaching, conferences, and Progress Reports totally got in the way.  On top of that I am overwhelmed with November sneaking up on me!  I don't know about all of you but I always feel like I have to have everything cut for crafts, run for teaching, and organized books for the new month ahead.  In that respect I have been working overtime to get ready.  My themes will cover:  Native and Colonial Americans, The First Thanksgiving, Turkey Fun, and Hibernation and Migration.  In math we will be focusing on Ordinal Numbers and reviewing.  So for you I have some vocabulary cards for Native Americans.  The unit I teach is filled with informational text.  Enjoy!  Happy Halloween!! Michele

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday...something free!

Wow the week just got away from me!  We had a training day on Monday and then a record day on Friday.  That meant kids only three days and the loss of two planning periods.  YIKES...I miss those periods to catch up in my classroom.  Bottom line we filled the week with Red Ribbon activities and Bats!  I also was able to fit in a cumulative math assessment for 1st quarter, writing assessment using informational text, and updating my DRA's all so that I could complete Progress Reports on Friday.  Now it is Saturday and I am finally taking a deep breath.  Our first Parent/Teacher Conferences are just a week away.  More on that to come.
 November is going to fly by!  Starting with a three day week, then two full weeks before a two day week and Thanksgiving.  That only allows for 15 teaching days.  I am going to try to plug in Hibernation/Migration, Colonial/Native Americans, and a little Turkey fun.
Despite all I was doing I got busy coming up with a few activities for Sarah Morton's and Samuel Eaton's Days.
Hope you can use them.  Michele

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Each year our district takes part in Red Ribbon Week...promoting a drug free, healthy lifestyle.
This year our theme is ...I Stand Up Against Bullying.  Today we each got a red pencil and signed a pledge not to bully.  Tomorrow we wear crazy shoes and give the "boot" to bullies. Teachers also decorated their doors with Halloween themes and a no bully sign.  We think bullies are corny!  I don't "vant to see any bullies!  This monster gobbles up bullies.  With the help of Mealonheadz and Pinterest this is the door that we created.  And guess what else we are studying?  Yep, bats and tomorrow you will see a post and a freebie about our "batty" experiences. We are "batty" for people who stand up to bullies.

Friday, October 18, 2013

1st Grade Campout!...and a freebie!!

The fire was burning and the lights were off!  (Thank you Walmart for the fire.)

We worked by flashlight.

We "toasted" (in the oven) S'mores!

Each child then got a S'more to take home and make.

We collected data about camping.

We wrote about our data.

We read in our sleeping bags.

We wrote spooky stories.

Look what I found in my tent!

You can get this and so much more in my Camping Unit.

A sneak preview for next week...

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super duper pumpkin scoopers!...and a freebie!!

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Tomorrow we count!
What fun we had. Here is the "freebie" that went with the activity.
We spent Language Arts reading...The Lumpy, Bumpy Pumpkin and completed these cute projects.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How many seeds in a pumpkin?

Well we are going to find out!!
We will begin observing the pumpkins selected.
How are they alike and how are they different?
Tomorrow we will "scoop" our pumpkins.
Stay tuned...
Also a cute art project.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?

Our topic today was Christopher Columbus.
The question was...did her discover America?
We know he was an explorer.  Do you know other famous explorers?
We found a list of the Top 10 Famous explorers and watched a mini video on Neil Armstrongs first walk on the moon.  Great vocab word...explorer.
We also learned motions an the words to a poem that told a little more about Christopher Columbus.
He left Spain in 1492.  Sailed 3 ships.  Crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
Then we had a super writing experience telling "Chris" about items we had today that he never knew about.  We wrote a paragraph using descriptive sentences.  
As I have shared before Scholastic News has online activities that accompany their newspaper.
They are informative and valuable.
We put together and read a mini book with informative text.  Following our reading we played "scoot" to discover who retained the facts.  We read and wrote with a partner.
Finally our craft for the day was a simple ship that sails around the world.
Simple and too cute.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Out my window...

oops I forgot to share with you the view out my window.  It does not do justice to the colors around the lake on the trees.  THIS is why I feel blessed. Oh, and for all of you of course.  :)   Michele

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I spent a beautiful fall day sitting on my porch enjoying my computer and the view as fall fills the landscape.
I feel so blessed!
So I was able to get my November plans up and set.  I know it seems way early but with conferences coming and two different teacher training days I want to be ahead of the time.
Like I did for October I thought you would enjoy seeing what I have planned.  I also want to put up for you on my next post what I use for assessments and evaluations for the kiddos.  Here we go folks...
PS  Remember that each packet is accompanied with a freebie.  Michele

This is my interactive calendar.  It is perfect for recording the date, temperature and other key calendar information.
Here is the freebie.  It is November vocabulary cards for posting.
This is my November Poems and Activities.  This is new this year and I love it.
This is the freebie with a poem and activities.
Next I move into Hibernation and Migration.
This is a filled with literacy activities.
This has a really cute writing activity on "how I get ready for winter".
This is followed by close to two weeks of studying the Colonial and Native Americans.
There are many activities on comparing and contrasting as well as crafts.
The freebie has students sequencing The First Thanksgiving.
I end with my Turkey Packet.  It is a complete balanced literacy project with a craft.
The freebie is one of my favorite poems and an activity!!

Enjoy everyone!!  Hope you find something helpful.  Michele