Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I spent a beautiful fall day sitting on my porch enjoying my computer and the view as fall fills the landscape.
I feel so blessed!
So I was able to get my November plans up and set.  I know it seems way early but with conferences coming and two different teacher training days I want to be ahead of the time.
Like I did for October I thought you would enjoy seeing what I have planned.  I also want to put up for you on my next post what I use for assessments and evaluations for the kiddos.  Here we go folks...
PS  Remember that each packet is accompanied with a freebie.  Michele

This is my interactive calendar.  It is perfect for recording the date, temperature and other key calendar information.
Here is the freebie.  It is November vocabulary cards for posting.
This is my November Poems and Activities.  This is new this year and I love it.
This is the freebie with a poem and activities.
Next I move into Hibernation and Migration.
This is a filled with literacy activities.
This has a really cute writing activity on "how I get ready for winter".
This is followed by close to two weeks of studying the Colonial and Native Americans.
There are many activities on comparing and contrasting as well as crafts.
The freebie has students sequencing The First Thanksgiving.
I end with my Turkey Packet.  It is a complete balanced literacy project with a craft.
The freebie is one of my favorite poems and an activity!!

Enjoy everyone!!  Hope you find something helpful.  Michele

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