Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Crankenstein Valentine...crafts and activities!

This book companion is adorable and ideal for providing engaging crafts and activities that will promote practice of your standards after this read aloud.

Your class can decide...happy or cranky?

And check out the adorable page toppers.

There are plenty of activities for students to gather their thoughts before writing.

Your class will love creating a new name for Crankenstein and doing a character study about him.

Word work is plentiful for your literacy center or whole or small group.

There are three writing suggestions.
Do one or all...sensory, informational, creative.
These are followed by a book cover and differentiated writing pages for your class.

Comprehension practice is also provided.
Perfect for your small group lessons.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Polar and Arctic Animals...

Brrrrrr!  Let's visit the North and South Poles.
These two areas are filled with amazing animals for students to learn about.
This packet is FILLED with informational text as well as delightful fiction stories related to this topic allowing students to read, research, and write.  (Filling several standards students are to master.)
The fiction stories suggested are followed by delightful activities that allow students to practice their comprehension skills.
Let's DIVE in and see what is available in this Arctic packet.

Your class will love creating these Arctic cuties.
They will be adorable on a bulletin board or hanging on a wall.
Check out my Pinterest page that has other adorable craft ideas.

There are 16 vocabulary cards for posting.
If laminated students can use them for ABC order or you can post them on a bulletin board or wall and your class can use sticky notes to add facts about each of the 12 animals included in this packet.
Walrus, Arctic Hare, Moose, Polar Bear, Penguin, Snow Owl, Orca Whale, Seal, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Caribou, Inuit People
These are just a FEW of the wonderful books I use for informational text.
For each animal there is a page filled with informational text.
I love these because students can keep them and then highlight and circle key concepts.
There is also an Arctic mini book with each of the animals included.
The text is somewhat simpler but key facts about each animal are included.

Following the text there are a number graphic organizers for students to gather their thoughts.
If I were __________ I, eat, have.
Cause and effect...the tundra is flat and do the animals adapt. the text key words are underlined.
Developing an understanding of these key words helps students understand information presented.

Making inferences...Why is a polar bears fur white?
Making connections (compare and contrast the arctic animals)

And here are three differentiated graphic organizers for gathering ideas.

There are organizers for a book search and internet search.

After all information has been gathered there are two ways of writing.
One is making a class book about the animal they researched.

The other is a mini book.
There are helpful sentence starters for students as well as blank pages.
After all reports have been given your class will enjoying collecting data and writing about it.

There are two label me pages as well as Fact and Opinion, True and False.

My class enjoyed learning about the group of people that inhabit this area.
There is a text page and a mini book filled with information.
These are also followed by graphic organizers and pages for writing.
The pieces of literature are my favorite.
They have adorable story lines and students can gather facts from the stories.

Each story has a comprehension page to follow the reading.

Each activity follows a different format for the specific stories.
And for your literacy centers here are word work activities.
Making Words
Word Search
ABC Order

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tacky the Penguin... Craft and Activities!!

My class absolutely loves the stories about that adorable penguin Tacky.
This packet is ideal for providing engaging activities and crafts to accompany the stories after you have shared them with the class.
They are ideal for centers, small groups, partners, and whole class.
Each activity focuses on standards students are expected to master.

Check out the crafts.
One is Tacky.  I used scrapbook paper to find flowers.
The second is one of the "perfect" penguins.  You can have different color ties.
The third is a page topper for student writing.
Ideal for posting and showcasing student thoughts.

These are samples of activities that follow reading the stories.

I have also included word work:
ABC Order, Parts of Speech, Rhyme and making words.
For making words it can be fun to group students and see which group comes up with the most words.

The graphic organizers are perfect for gathering ideas before writing.

Writing includes:
Sensory, Descriptie, Informative

Final write pages are included as well as a class cover for sharing student writing.

There are also 3 game boards with a variety of differentiated addition, subtraction, greater than/less than ideas for playing.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oh My!!! Polar Bear Day!

Your class will love celebrating Polar Bear Day!
International Polar Bear Day is February 27th.
Bundle up and learn using informational text while having lots of fun.
Before the day stop by the library and pick up these special stories.

Check out the cute crafts to create during the day.
I love the headband and the students can wear it during the day.
Glorious polar bears.
How many students together to equal the weight of a polar bear?
How many students head to toe to be as tall as a polar bear on two feet?

Informational text.

Use this information to gather facts.
4 unique graphic organizers.

Writing includes informational, opinions, and narrative.

Final write pages are included as well as a cover to create a class book.

Word work includes ABC order, making words, parts of speech, syllables.

Extra activities:  Dinner guest, snack ideas, compare/contrast, definitions.

Love the math games.
One game board and 4 games. Plus one for subtraction and another for greatest and least.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Holidays to YOU ALL!

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January Goodies!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful but your classroom is so delightful"!!
I feel confident these packets will bring your classroom to life and keep your students engaged and excited about learning!!
Bring on January...
**Note:  I encourage you to view the previews or click on the link to view the entire product.
There are pictures of 90% of the activities for you to see.

Monday, January 1st

Monday, January 15th

Saturday, January 20th 
Penguin Awareness Day

 Snowmen at Night/at Work/all Year Long

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow
All You Need for a Snowman
Pip and Squeak

Sadie and the Snowman


Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson
Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming
Bear Has A Story to Tell by Phillip Stead