Thursday, June 25, 2020

Math and Literacy Activities!

A Back to School...September resource filled with math and literacy activities.
90 activities for just $5.00
This packet is PERFECT for back to school because of its BACK TO SCHOOL theme.
Activities will fit in your literacy and math centers.
They can be used as morning eye openers.
All activities would be helpful for large and small groups.
I developed them to uses for those first couple weeks of school when you are assessing student ability and need lots of choices.
Because of the leveled choices each activity will fit a wide variety of student needs. 
It is filled with activities for Word Work, Writing, and Mathematics and YES each activity is differentiated to meet low/average/advanced levels in your classroom.
This packet was designed to fill your centers those first few weeks with fun filled, meaningful activities that will promote academic growth and provide student independence.(Activities can also be completed as whole or small group.)
There are three key topics in the packet:
Back to School
School Supplies

Monday, June 15, 2020

If You Take a Mouse to School Google Slides

Your students will love completing these interactive Google Slides with click and drag as well as some simple typing after reading this delightful story.
Slide One:  If you take a mouse to school it will ask for?  click and drag
Slide Two:  In the lunchbox the mouse will put?  click and drag
Slide Three:  At school the mouse will?  click and drag
Slide Four:  Mouse built a mouse house.  What would you build?  type
Slide Five:  Mouse made books.  What would your write about?  type
Slide Six:  What would you take to school?  type
Slide Seven:  While waiting for the bus what did mouse do?  click and drag
Slide Eight:  What was the problem?  What did they forget?  click and drag/type
Slide Nine:  Make three predictions typing YES or NO
Your class will love this interactive resource.

First Day Hooray!

One of my favorite "back to school" stories and the reason is that it shares how everyone who is a part of school (principal, teacher, bus driver, custodian and others) are all a little nervous about going back to school NOT JUST YOU!!
It also is ideal for a back to school "scavenger hunt" to find the gym, office, library, restroom, etc.
This packet is filled with word work, vocabulary cards for posting, writing, comprehension activities and text to self activities related to the first day of school!
Check out the activities in the pictures below.

These Google Slides were designed for distance learning or a computer center.
They are interactive and will be so much fun for your class to complete.
Slide One:  How did you feel on the first day?
Slide Two:  How did you get to school?
Slide Three:  My teachers name and what grade are you in? type/click and drag
Slide Four:  Three friends in your class are? type
Slide Five:  Did you pack or buy your lunch?  click and drag
Slide Six:  What is your favorite subject? click and drag
Slide Seven: What is your favorite special? click and drag 
Slide Eight:  What is a class rule you follow? click and drag 
Slide Nine:  What was your favorite thing about the first day? type

This would be fun to save and then send home to parents.
It also is a great opportunity for you to get to know your students a little better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

September...Johnny Appleseed, Apples and Scarecrows!

Johnny Appleseed, apples and scarecrows are the perfect themes to use as a springboard to meaningful curriculum experiences for the month of September!
So as I began to look at ideas to stimulate learning in September these awesome resources will work perfectly.
This first resource is ideal for writing.
There is informational text about Johnny Appleseed followed by graphic organizers for students to use to gather ideas for writing.  Vocabulary is stressed as well as forming a well written paragraph.  The little Johnny craft is simple and ideal to post on the top of the paragraph students create.  This is perfect for showcasing student writing.

The second theme is scarecrows.  This might be presented the end of September to post for October.  
Again you have graphic organizers as well as informational text.  Support is provided for paragraph writing as well as final write pages which you can make a class book with.  It will be the favorite 
"go to" students will choose to read.

As I was preparing this resource my Johnny Appleseed packet came to mind.
This packet could be use the entire month of September.
This unit includes science, math and a complete balanced literacy section all related to Johnny Appleseed and the Apple.
The packet begins with a Johnny Appleseed Craft.
It also has a Johnny Appleseed writing assignment with mini craft to attach.
Suggested Literature...
There are 8 books suggested including informational text as well as fiction. 
Each story includes a story response sheet.
There is a poem with a response sheet.
Included are 2 mini printable books filled with informational text for students to read and take home. (apple/Johnny Appleseed)
Following the mini books are Fact/Opinion and a True/False
A definition activity is included to support the Suggested Literature.
This section focuses on Opinion, Informational and Narratives.
Paragraph practice includes...can/are/will for apples and is/has/can for Johnny Appleseed
There is also prewrite pages for Opening Sentence, Details and Closing Sentence.
Final writing page
This section also includes an Anchor Chart with suggested vocabulary for the writing center as well as vocabulary cards for posting.
Word Work...
ABC Order
Word Search
Making Words
Parts of Speech
Vocabulary (fill in the blank)
These are designed for literacy centers or class work.
Observation page
Life Cycle page
Investigation page
My Apple page
Working with 10
Ten Apples up on Top...Number words and craft
Addition practice
WOW that's a lot of activities for apples and best of all each activity is related to Common Core Standards. 
I hope you will "pick" this packet!

This year because of the need to social distance I am going to have students on their computers.
With this in the back of my mind I created this wonderful Google Slide resource.
It begins with information about Johnny Appleseed.
The next slide has the students typing Johnny was, had and wanted.
Since vocabulary is important part of the learning process students while the next slide encourages students to write a meaningful paragraph about Johnny Appleseed.
There is a slide for them to then rewrite the complete paragraph.
Word work includes having students click and drag the letters in Appleseed to make words.
How many can you make?
Students will click and drag pictures of the apple tree's life cycle.
Finally there are two slides with picture graphs for students to answer questions about using the graph.
I am excited about this and can't wait for the new class to share.

The second part of the September writing was about Scarecrows.
To accompany this one of my favorite resources is this.
The literature suggestions are some of my favorite.
The books used are:
The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown
Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Brown Wise
**I love putting a scarecrow up and creating a reading corner. 
**These books can also be found as read aloud stories online.
The packet contains:
Strategies listed for posting
Graphic Organizers and Activities
The Lonely Scarecrow...recall details, KWL, Author's Purpose
Scarecrow's Hat...Main Idea, Sequencing, Cause and Effect
Scarecrow...Inferences, Summarize, Predict
Scarecrow Boy...Compare and Contrast, Fact and Opinion, Definition (using text)
The packet ends with Making Connections.
Any book may be used.
Text to Self
Text to Text
Text to World
There are also some treats with the October Packet:
Word Search
Making Words
Mini Book
Vocabulary for posting.

The Google Slide version is fun and meaningful as well.
It begins with informational text about the scarecrow.
Students then type what scarecrows are, have, can do.
A guideline to support writing a paragraph follows.
Students will then use that guide to write a "perfect paragraph".
The next slide has students build a scarecrow by click and dragging on the items.
Word work includes two slides:  one allows students to click and drag letters from the word scarecrow to make words and the other has students click and drag to create compound words.
The final slide focuses on writing about math.
These slides will not SCARE your students away but give your students something to CROW about!!