Monday, June 15, 2020

First Day Hooray!

One of my favorite "back to school" stories and the reason is that it shares how everyone who is a part of school (principal, teacher, bus driver, custodian and others) are all a little nervous about going back to school NOT JUST YOU!!
It also is ideal for a back to school "scavenger hunt" to find the gym, office, library, restroom, etc.
This packet is filled with word work, vocabulary cards for posting, writing, comprehension activities and text to self activities related to the first day of school!
Check out the activities in the pictures below.

These Google Slides were designed for distance learning or a computer center.
They are interactive and will be so much fun for your class to complete.
Slide One:  How did you feel on the first day?
Slide Two:  How did you get to school?
Slide Three:  My teachers name and what grade are you in? type/click and drag
Slide Four:  Three friends in your class are? type
Slide Five:  Did you pack or buy your lunch?  click and drag
Slide Six:  What is your favorite subject? click and drag
Slide Seven: What is your favorite special? click and drag 
Slide Eight:  What is a class rule you follow? click and drag 
Slide Nine:  What was your favorite thing about the first day? type

This would be fun to save and then send home to parents.
It also is a great opportunity for you to get to know your students a little better.

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