Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ABC Countdown until Summer or the End of the Year!

I think you are going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this countdown for the end of the school year!
My only regret is I got started on it a little late.
So here is the deal...and I think it BENEFITS YOU!!
I am posting it today for $6.00.
I have letters A to F complete (100 pages)
If you buy it NOW you will pay only $6.00 for the COMPLETE packet A to Z because all you have to do is watch your "my purchases" for the new download as I add the letters.  
I am sure the packet will be close to 500 pages!!! and the price will increase each time I add the new letters.  
I am now up to Jj and 170 pages.
Yipee K is done and packet is still just $6.00 for 180 pages.
On to Ll.

Complete 395 pages.  Still $6.00.
Check out a few of the crafts.

Check out D is for Donuts!

Take a peek at Hh.

The packet includes an introduction to parents, the list where you can put dates, and a supply list for donations.  I specifically assign parents a product as I know who can do more, will do more, and is responsible.  Have the items due the day before so if they DO NOT arrive you will have time to pick them up.

Each product has a Colored Poster and a black and white.  I use that sheet as a packet cover and put all the other activities for the day with it.
As I continue to work I am going to include book suggestions and an ending page for a review of the themed day!!

The letters each have 2 to 3 math, writing, and word work pages for centers or group activities.
The math games are differentiated to meet all levels of learners.

Each letter also has activities specifically related to the topic!!
Yep a little end of the year curriculum.

Finally each letter has classroom memory pages. (2 to 3)
Some letters have crafts, some have snacks, some have games.

Overall 26 days of FUN FILLED activities!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kindness Counts

Kindness makes the world, people AND CLASSROOMS a happier place!

Meet the Kindness Heroes
As a teacher you can catch students being kind!!

There is colorful vocabulary and an anchor chart describing kindness.

Activities include:
I can show I care
How do you parents show they care
3 ways to help others (how did someone help you)

ABC Order, Making words with friendship, cut and paste friend/bully

Four wonderful stories lead to discussion about kindness.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Number Bonds

The ideal packet for teaching, reviewing or practicing mathematics using number bonds.

I can statements and a home/school connection page.

Number Bond Templates
Number Grid
Number Line
Number Words 11 to 20

Practice activities and games for partners, small groups, centers.