Friday, November 30, 2018

Snow Day Friends...Craft and Literacy Activities!

This packet is filled with literature activities about "snowy day friends" that your class will love!

Vocabulary is also included as well as some cute little "snowy day friends".

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen All Year

Snowmen at Work

Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

All You Need To Build a Snowman


Sadie and the Snowman...this is one you might not have in your library but well worth the purchase.

Informational Text

Word Work

Math Games...subtraction, odd/even, and addition

Thursday, November 29, 2018

How Animals and Insects Communicate! FREEBIE!!

I think this FREEBIE just might come in handy especially if you study animals in your class.

Mini book on all the different ways animals and insects communicate.

Plenty of graphic organizers for students to gather their thoughts.

Pages for recording their thoughts and research.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bundle up for this Arctic experience!!

Polar and Arctic Animals!

This packet covers:
The Walrus, Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Harp Seal, Orca Whale, Caribou, Arctic Wolf, Snow Owl, Penguin
For each animal there is informational text in two forms...a mini book and a single sheet.

Students are encouraged to compare and contrast, make comparisons, and predict.

There are graphic organizers for collecting data.

Literature suggestions are also provided and there are comprehension activities to follow the read aloud.

Also included is information about the Inuit people.

Word work is plentiful with making words, abc order, syllables, definition and more.

You will love the vocabulary and crafts as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gingerbread Addition Center 10 to 20!

This packet is ideal for you math center during December.
I love it in supporting math fact building for facts from 10 to 20.

Each number has a gingerbread house with the word and the number.
Students are to find the cookies and candies that match.

To assure accuracy there are pencil paper activities for working with the numbers.

These packets fit perfectly with this center.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Snowflakes...Informational Text

The perfect way to practice reading informational text, gathering details, and reporting.
Snowflakes...a winter theme!!

Vocabulary Cards
Definition Practice

Informational text in 2 book and 1 page
Reading for Detail for assessment.
Encourage students to use the text to complete.

Gathering detail and sequencing.

Snowflake Bentley
Vocabulary and a quick assessment.

Sequencing and information gathering.

Word Work
Parts of speech, syllables, making words.
Activities...things that melt, things to do in the sun.

Gathering details for writing.
Opinion Writing
Pre Write page
There are writing pages not show here.