Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dad's First Day!

Everyone is a little nervous on the first day...even dad!
Oliver and his dad had a wonderful summer vacation together.
They did all kinds of wonderful things.  What did you do over summer vacation?
But as the time for school to start begins they must get ready.  What do you do to get ready for school?
When the first day arrives Oliver's dad is nervous.  How do you think your parents felt on the first day of school?
This story is delightful!!
Here is an adorable book about "Dad" and his first day back to school. This book has a twist ...It is Oliver's first day BUT dad's tummy hurts and Oliver is excited to go back to school. This story accompanied by the activities will delight your kiddos.
The pictures are lively and the story line one that your class will relate to.
The resource contains follow up ideas to fill an entire day!
Story Recall:
Making Connections
Sequencing Events
Story Elements:
Character Analysis
Making a list
Summer vacation
Graphic organizers
Final write pages
Word Work:
ABC Order
Word Search
Word match
It includes 6 vocabulary cards for posting...colorful and pictures
Two terrific dice games including addition.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Father's Day Google Slides for Distance Learning

Father's Day is on June 14th.
This Google Slide resource is perfect to help students celebrate and complete activities about DAD!
It can be used with Google Classroom.
The resource begins with an interview with dad.
The following slides provides a guideline for them to use to write a paragraph about the interview with their dad.
Students will then have fun making predictions about what their dad would do...if they had a day to themselves, could go on vacation, found a puppy and more.  I like to encourage them to check their responses with their dad.  Were they correct?
Next students are asked to use a number of adjectives to describe their dad.  Suggestions for adjectives are provided.
And what if you could spend an entire day with dad?  What would you like to do?
The resource ends with a Dad and Me math activity.
Find it here.

How to Surprise a Dad! Father's Day June 14th

Find it here.
Perfect for Father's Day!!
From the author and illustrator of HOW TO BABYSIT GRANDMA AND GRANDPA comes another delightful story by Reagan and Wildish...HOW TO Surprise a Dad!
It is perfect for enhancing creative thinking and writing "how to" pieces.
This packet is filled with activities to support comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and even a little mathematics.
Vocabulary for posting (colorful cards with pictures)
How to Surprise a Dad
How to Surprise My Dad
An opinion page
A "how to" page
Writing final copy pages with differentiated levels of writing pages.
Cause and Effect...It what would happen?
Story Elements
Predict...what surprise would your dad like?
Interview with Dad
Writing about your interview.
Word Work...
Parts of Speech
ABC order
Black and White vocabulary cards to match the words (students can color and take home)
Roll and Read...have fun reading words loudly, softly, silly, slowly, quickly
Word Search
Morning Senses...smell, touch, taste, hear, see
What would dad like to find inside his gift?
2 Mathematics Game (Subtraction to 12 and 20)
All these and more...All these and more...

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Wheels on the Bus

If it is "back to school" buses come to mind.
So let's have fun with the lyrics to The Wheels on the Bus using picture and text while including activities on "How do you get to school?" and "Bus Safety".
Here are two fun filled resources:
Paper /Pencil with a craft and snack.
Google Slides for center activities or distance learning.

This resource includes:
Lyrics to the song
Vocabulary for display
Cut and paste sound to picture
Exploring the word yellow
Cut and paste picture/word match
How do you get to school?
Bus Safety interactive booklet
Graphic organizer
Paragraph organizer
Sensory organizer

Simple mini play...How do you go to school?
Data Collection
Mini book for text
Class book cover and differentiated final write pages.

This resource includes:
Page by page slides from the song The Wheels on the Bus with space for student interaction.
Slide...What might you see, hear, feel on the bus?
Poem...Children coming to school
Bus safety...Students respond with how they stay safe in car

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Flag Day, June 14th

On June 14th we honor the American Symbol the flag.
To many citizens it means FREEDOM.
When flown citizens display patriotism.
These two resources will inform your students about the history of the flag as well as its meaning.

One of my favorite books to share with my class during this lesson is The Flag We Love!

The resource includes informational text in 3 differentiated forms.
These are followed by a graphic organizer to record key details from the text and a True/False using facts from the text.
Activities include:
The flag stands for FREEDOM.  What are you free to do?
Betsy Ross was a seamstress.  What do you want to do when you are older?
The Pledge...fill in the missing words.
Sensory...where might you hear, see, touch.
Color a flag.
Create a family flag.
Word Work...word search, making words with patriotism.
The current flag has 50 stars.  Skip counting.
Flag Code...What rules do you follow?

The google slides include:
Informational text on Flag Day is followed by recall questions using text.
Informational text on the nickname of the flag followed by student writing a description for the flag.
Informational text on Betsy Ross.  Students write what they would like to do in the future.
The flag stands for FREEDOM.  Students write what they are free to do.
Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.  Students list places they might hear the song and see the flag.