Thursday, May 14, 2020

Click Clack Quack Back to School

 Click Clack Quack...Back to School!
Farmer Brown gets an invitation to visit school and bring the animals along!!
One rule he remembers...Be Quiet!
What rules do you have at school?
This story will certainly engage your students and get them recalling events from the delightful story!!
Best yet is Duck has a surprise at the end.

This story sets the theme about getting excited for school AND it ends with some wonderful class rules.
The big surprise is guess who is writing those rules?
Packet Includes:
Vocabulary for posting
Letter Writing
Story Elements
Story Recall
Vocabulary Study...Excited, Quiet
Class Rules
Duck's Rules
Word Search
Parts of Speech
Graphic Organizer
Differentiated Final Write Pages
Cover for Class Book

And I love the Google Slides.  Ideal for distance learning or a literacy center with a computer.
It begins with the animals being excited!!
Students relate to what they get excited about and what they do when they are excited.
Next students are reminded about the difference of fact and fiction.
The students are asked to share if they feel this story is fact or fiction and share three reasons why.
Writing a summary using text from the story includes...somebody, got, so, when, in the end.
The story surprises us with duck being the principal and writing rules for the students.
This is followed by the student writing what rules they would make if they were named principal for a week.
Next the slide takes a close look at the word quiet.
Students are asked to write a definition for quiet and then use it in a sentence as well as share places they might have to be quiet.
Math includes a picture graph.
Students use the graph to answer questions.
So much fun and valuable learning experiences.

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