Friday, May 8, 2020

If You Take a Mouse to School ... Paper Pencil, Internet or Distance Learning

This is always so much fun for the beginning of the year or any time of the year!!
The story is perfect for comparing and contrasting, sequencing, story recall and opinion writing.
This resource even includes a little word work and math as well.
You have options!!
There is the paper pencil version which includes a craft, vocabulary words for posting and activities to support curriculum.
And there is a Google Slide version.
After reading the story students can work at home on the activities OR they can work on them in the classroom for center time.
If you are unable to read this delightful story to your class have them listen to the read aloud.
The Google Slides begins with a compare and contrast activity.
Next students share what they think the mouse saw, heard and tasted while at school.
The word work includes using vocabulary from the story to work with ABC Order and Syllables.
Students use a graphic organizer to prepare an opinion paragraph about whether or not they would like to bring a mouse to school.
That is followed by asking them to write a final draft.
There is even a little mini book for students to write their own story.
The slide presentation ends with students solving two school riddles using addition facts.

So many choices.
The paper pencil resource has an adorable mouse craft and vocabulary cards for posting.

Comprehension activities are plentiful for you to choose from.

There are graphic organizers as well to help your class prepare narratives and option pieces for writing.

Word work includes ABC Order, Parts of Speech and a word search.

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