Friday, June 24, 2022

ABC's Of Successful Teaching . . . Kk Ll Mm . . . Keep Kids Learning and Motivated!


The goal for EVERY teacher is to keep KIDS MOTIVATED and LEARNING.  
These two aspects go "hand in hand" because students who are MOTIVATED tend to retain concepts being presented,  listen carefully, and in most cases be very cooperative.
So as an educator what can you do to keep KIDS  MOTIVATED and LEARNING?

  • Create a classroom that promotes a love for reading and produces readers.
A love of reading promotes a love of learning.
Fill your classroom with books.
Read to your students and have them read to you.  

  • Allow students to experience ownership in their learning process.
In writing when the opportunity presents its self allow students to choose their writing topic.
Present choices for how information can be presented.

  • Encourage communication.
Conference with students so they can present their likes and dislikes.
Let them share how they are feeling about their learning experience.

  • Focus on student interests.
Allow them to explore topics.

  • Let students explore a variety of learning styles.
Visual   Auditory   Verbal   Physical   Mathematical   Social    Solitary

  • Use games whenever possible to promote practice and review.

  • Help student focus on what they are learning and progress they are making not their performance compared to others.

  • Celebrate achievement!!!!

Begin motivating right at the beginning of the year with this resource.

Students enjoy writing about themselves and as an educator it is fun to read and make note about the information they share with us about them. These little bits of information are perfect for helping us to communicate, motivate and make a special connection with our students.

This resource includes:

That's So Exciting ... Something that excites them.

Wow! How Awesome ... Something the student feels they are good at.

Good to Know ... What they like about school.

That Sounds Yummy ... A favorite lunch.

That Sounds Fun ... What their perfect weekend would be.

Take Lot's of Pictures ... Fun on a wonderful vacation.

A Friend Is the Best ... About a best friend.

An Amazing Wish ... What would you wish for?

Each topic has:

Graphic Organizer for drawing or writing quick thoughts.

Paragraph Organizer for developing a lead sentence, two details and a closing sentence.

Six pages for writing (early writers, and then two sizes of print for levels of development) Each level has lines or the print line. *See the preview.

  • Support students in learning to classify, think critically and ask questions.  
Avoid just teaching the right and wrong answer.  Help students to develop skills to find answers and be able to explain their reasoning.

  • Make everyday an enjoyable learning day!!


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    Hamilton Childcare is an early learning centre where we provide a safe environment for children to grow and learn. We invite parents to enlighten us about their culture their values and beliefs and encourage them to actively take part in centre’s learning and teaching.

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